Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What is fear and how do we live it?

Fear is a very negative emotion that many people live with for endless lifetimes. One thing about learning our lessons is that we must grow and change in our physical lives to support the gradual expansion of our Dual Soul Mind and Emotions. The growth of our mind also supports the sensory growth of our Spirit Consciousness. We are energy beings that live a continual life in the physical world. We die as physical beings but in most cases we begin a new life in utero within three physical days. As energy beings we do not die, but we move with the speed of light, which means that we can cover a dramatic amount of space in three of our physical days. For us to return to life as a new conception in three days, means that as energy we have completed the energy work that we must accomplish to make a new physical life feasible at this time. When we spend our physical life living in our fear of death and our belief in living only one life, it is because we do not understand ourselves as energy beings and we do not understand our relationship to Earth as our Universal Home.

Many of our fear beliefs have their roots in the evolution of us as physical beings as we have been trying to understand “who we are.”. But as physical beings we also live with a very strong energy component that is the very basis of who we are. We have not been taught about our “energy component.” Einstein has proven that energy never dies, but it does change form. Once we understand that we are energy and we understand the properties of energy, we have the information within us that helps us to see that we live more than one life; in fact, we live eternal life. When we change our focus from physical matter into energy, we re-create physical matter as our new home as an energy field. Once we understand our eternal life we will be capable of releasing all of our fears.

Our fears have all developed as we have evolved as a thinking mind. We had to start at the beginning to create our human life or we would never have grown enough to understand ourselves. Years ago every human being studied Philosophy as a normal part of their education. In our present time, very few people study the ancient Philosophers who have passed this information down to us, and sometimes even those who do study ancient philosophy do not have the memory to interpret it correctly. But this is because we believe that we live only one life. Does it make any sense within your thinking mind to believe that a design of energy and matter that is as dramatic as ours is would be limited to only one life in its attempt to grow and change? If we accept that we are energy beings, then we already should have learned that “energy never dies, but it does change form,” which has been proven in recent times by Albert Einstein. To me it does not seem that we need to think equally to Einstein to understand the meaning of life.

As a RN I have been present at more deaths than I can count. I have lived with an understanding of myself as energy all of my life, therefore I have been conscious of the energy of other people in both life and death for my entire life. As I went into Nursing and I watched endless people die, I also have had the privilege of communicating with many energies as they leave their physical bodies and that have told me about their plans for their new life. Energetically most people are very excited about death and rebirth, which doesn’t mean that we have the right to make this very intimate Spiritual decision. At our core energy we are all Spirit Consciousness that is destined to live in multiple physical lives that we choose as a way to learn and change.

Our Spirit energy is eternal. Our physical body is finite. Our learning as a Dual Soul and Spirit is accumulative as energy, which expands our overall growth and change as a Spirit Consciousness. Love is the energy foundation of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. In our physical reality we are learning how to “love” as a means of helping us to move into the Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness, which we must live as a human being. This helps us to understand the true purpose of evolution and growth. We are learning to “Know Thyself” by learning to grow beyond fear into our loving emotions. As each human being expands their understanding of life and love, we are preparing ourselves to understand who we are, our purpose here on Earth as human beings, and the learning that is essential to our change and growth as the essence of our Energy as a Spirit Consciousness.

As we live in fear, we are resisting our energy of Spirit Consciousness as our eternal energy, which allows us to expand our negative energy rather than our positive energy. Once we learn the truth of ourselves, we can make a dramatic change in how we think, the love that we use, and in the way that we grow and change as a human being from one life to the next life. Fear keeps us from seeing the beauty of our own energy and what it is attempting to teach us with our lessons of life and living.

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