Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design

This is my eighth book and with this book I have moved from the explanations of the seven primary levels of our Dual Soul(my first seven books)into the description and function of our Spirit Consciousness as our intelligent energy design. We are so much more than we think we are. It never ceases to amaze me that we think we are intelligent beings, but we do not recognize ourselves as eternal energy that returns endlessly into physical matter in our attempt to understand ourselves. Science has the ability to prove this for us, if the scientists themselves can get beyond their external belief system. We have consistently focused our thinking mind externally. The most important issue in understanding ourselves is to understand that internally we are energy (chemical) and matter. Energy never dies but it does change its form of matter as we destroy our internal chemical patterns. Once we understand that we are energy and matter, we begin to understand that life is a constant for us as energy beings. Energy moves with the speed of light. Once we die as physical bodies, we come back into a new energy life in three physical days and it takes us nine months to create our new physical body. As human beings we can prove this, once we begin to think internally instead of externally. It has taken us a long time as energy beings to open our thinking mind to the internal chemical patterns of our own energy. Once we understand our chemical design as the source of our energy design, we will stay healthy, live longer, be happier, and remember more of our past life experiences that are stored as energy within the neurons of our brain and the cells of our physical body.

Our challenge is to know that we are eternal as energy beings and finite as physical beings. Once we understand that "energy and matter" is the story of our Intelligent Design as Spiritual Beings, we begin to look at ourselves internally instead of externally as we do now. Medicine does not work today to truly heal us as energy beings because medicine sees us as finite physical beings and does not understand our internal chemical design. When we remove ourselves from the pure chemicals of Nature and Earth, we begin to destroy our internal energy fields as human beings. When we change the chemicals of Nature and Earth that make us chemical beings and healthy beings, we become diseased because we have just contaminated our internal chemical design with man made chemicals.

"God" or our eternal Spirit Consciousness had a brilliant and Divine Idea when man was created in the image of energy and matter, put on Earth, which had the power to replace our internal chemicals through the air, foods, and water of Nature, and left us to our own decisive thinking mind to help us grow and change. This helps us to see that our externally focused thinking mind has led us down the primrose path to disease. As we continue to focus on an external God instead of recognizing ourselves as an internal and eternal "image of God" as energy and matter, we essentially destroy ourselves through our own internal and external wars of change and growth. Our behaviors and thought processes were not structured by an external God, they are structured by us and the level of our thinking mind that we are using at the present time, and have used in our past lives. We are on our own now as a Spirit Consciousness and we must learn about ourselves. The Human Species is the "Divine Idea" of our eternal Spirit Consciousness as our internal energy design that is living in physical matter. Why are we abusing ourselves? Read my newest book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design and learn how to be healthy and happy in your long lived life as both energy and matter.

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