Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I Learned at the July 3-Day Hidden Memories Conference

Kathy, I just loved this class…….

I am so glad that I have been a student of your teachings long enough to have learned that “life is choice” and I am absolutely thrilled for having learned that well enough to have chosen to attend your fabulously inspiring 3-day conference on “Hidden Memories, Understanding Our Personal Internal Energy.” Thank you, for teaching it! It was a wonderful growth experience for me. I feel this blog topic is the perfect place to communicate my ongoing change and growth since day one of this conference.

In class, as you were explaining the pattern of how we stack fear, upon fear, upon fear until we become fearful of the fear, my mind immediately responded to this pattern and awakened a hidden memory from my infancy, during this lifetime. It was a perfect example of energy reflecting energy, because I felt the vibration internally as my mind was processing all the external sensory responses of sound, sight, motion, and emotion. Then it just clicked, my mind opened to this memory of this external energy pattern. What my senses responded to was the reflection of my own internal energy pattern that I was living. The unity of this energy created instant understanding. As I sat in class my mind was sending a flood of culminating thoughts and pictures which flowed from my mind, through my fingers onto my paper. My healing began from that moment in class, as I recorded my thoughts and emotions. I felt lighter, freer, happier and very excited to be learning and growing!

I consumed the entire handout in just a couple of days and read all of my classroom notes. Keeping my mind focused upon this loving energy of openness I felt my fears just leaving my mind as I transferred them onto my paper. With each new awareness, I felt more motivated and committed to continue seeking the relationship between my childhood and past life experiences where I developed these fear concepts and behaviors. I saw how I was controlled by fear, became addicted to its negative energy. Now I understand the supportive role it has played in my learning to ‘consciously’ grow into accepting personal responsibility for my life and release my dependency upon someone else to save me. All those illusions just faded away!

My lessons learned: I could not access my memory if I did not think I was worthy of receiving communication from my spirit consciousness. So how I think about myself with love or fear either supports me or repels. If I think, that God is going to save me, or I am not worthy of accessing my own memory because I doubt that I have lived many thousands of lives and all that’s in my mind is this present life, than how could I have that data available, how could I retrieve it from my memory that I don’t believe I have… I could not, and would not.

I could feel my mind opening to new understanding of what’s been holding me in a self-defeating cycle of victim energy. Before this class, I didn’t know what my fear was, I could just tell I wasn’t creating the life I wanted to be living. Now compassion is replacing the self-judgement, unity where there was separation, and the love has melted the fear.

What a dynamic learning experience this ‘awakening’ has created. I’m learning to see more fractal patterns of that energy, the beliefs that support them and how they have controlled my life and my ability to give life to my dreams… to create in the energy of love instead of fear. I am just so excited and eager to continue evolving my mind into knowing itself as Spirit Consciousness. Evolution is real, just as energy is real… Thanks for teaching this series on “Hidden Memories” and for being such a brilliant and wonderfully loving teacher by example!

Kathy, I thank you from the depth of my heart for this wonderful class and your awesome new book “Spirit Consciousness our Intelligent Design!” I love your choice of timing.

Releasing it just weeks before this class was sheer perfection, for me! I’m certain that reading this book contributed significantly to raising my level of Spirit Consciousness that allowed me to learn so much from this class.

With great appreciation,
Kathy Bruegging

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