Thursday, December 06, 2007

Time really does fly, doesn’t it?

I feel like we just started 2007 and now 2008 is looming right in front of us. “Time flies” is an old saying I have heard since my early childhood,and the older that I get, the more meaningful it is to me and my life. I love life! I am definitely a “senior citizen” (if we measure by numbers, which I prefer not to do). My take on life is it is like a hula hoop - the faster you make it go, the more fun you will have and the more cycles you can create in your life. I have done this, and sometimes my cycles really begin to rotate and swing until I am literally flooded with the excitement of my physical life. As most of you probably know, I am an R.N. by my original education. Of course as we age our education seems to grow with us and move us into more and more exciting avenues of thinking and physical behaviors.

The most exciting part of our education is probably not going to occur in a standard classroom. Mine most certainly has not. I have always loved my nursing education and the older I get the more I love it. I went to nursing school in the days of the Korean War. To this day I remember helping sneak a classmate into the dormitory after a night out with her boyfriend. This was of course highly disrespectful to the Daughters of Charity that ran the Nursing Program, but the general theory of the day was, “All is fair in love and war.” I no longer believe that to be true. I am tired of war and I am tired of people who support and create war by living in an external vacuum of fear beliefs.

As a Spiritual Philosopher, I teach the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness. When we live the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness, we cannot believe in the horrors of war as having any true value in our society. With love we build families, societies, nations, commerce, education and intercommunication. When we live in fear, we fight, steal, kill, cheat, and we have no love for our neighbor or ourselves. Killing becomes a game. Killing is not a game,it is the most atrocious behavior of untruth that we can ever live as human beings. When we are forced to kill, we are being controlled, and no human being should suffer through that degree of control.

War may be accepted as essential in some people’s minds, but if we learn Spiritual Philosophy we do not accept war as essential, because we accept the Ethical Values of our Spiritual design as essential energy to learn and to live. What we do accept as essential is communication that is based on love, truth, and equality. Communication can handle all disputes when it is practiced with equality, truth, and love. Communication requires more than one person. Talking and making decisions as one person is a dictatorship. Many marriages suffer from control by one dominant person in the marriage. Control is usually the cause of domestic wars, which may or may not be recognized by both parties. Once we can understand that control is tantamount to war, we begin to understand why families find themselves embroiled in their own wars.

When all people learn to live the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness, which is present as the basic pattern of our energetic life in all human beings, we learn to feel, speak, act, and respond to each other with love, truth, and equality. The basic needs of any human being dictate the “true wants” in their life as acknowledgment, acceptance,and love. These three essential elements to life do not include control. They do include a recognition of other people as equal to ourselves. We are all born and we all die. It is only when we look at the patterns of living that we see the disparity come into play.

Our neuronal and cellular past life memories are part of our energy design as a Spirit Consciousness. All memory from our endless past lives is stored in the energy pattern of our brain and body that we bring back with us into our new physical life. We do not usually remember our past lives because as infants we are taught that we live only one life, and to remember a past life would make us “wrong” very early in our physical life. Not many souls have the confidence to break with the physical patterns of beliefs that we also bring back with us in our new life, which means we must make a choice of the memories that are important to us in this lifetime. Because past life memory has not been acceptable in most aspects of our physical reality, many people come back into another life with their hidden memories tucked away in the neurons of their brain and the cells of their human physical body and they literally worship the concept of living only one physical life. This creates the most dramatic conflict in our human mind and body that we could ever wish for.

Understanding the truth about ourselves boosts our internal growth through the subconscious memory that we are ignoring. It is always important to realize that when we learn about ourselves it is to assist ourselves in our own interpersonal growth, and it is not about impressing other people. Internal growth and change itself is the way that we impress ourselves and other people. It is only when we grow and change that we can apply our internal knowledge into our physical life to facilitate growth and change in the internal and external image of energy and matter in human form. We are always responsible for “who we are” and no one else can ever be held responsible for our personal thinking and behavior. Because we see our-selves as physical people, we will unconsciously grow physically when it is our intention to grow internally as a Spirit Consciousness. Focusing on the thinking mind to remove it from its habitual beliefs and behaviors helps us to begin to shift the thinking mind internally on its growth and change.

Thinking is the beginning step of the application of knowledge for our mind. We have many physical lifetimes of knowledge stored within the neurons of our brain and the cells of our physical body that we can access and use to help ourselves learn the Ethical Values in this lifetime. Learning how to apply the Ethical Values to the present day life that we are living, helps us design new patterns of thinking about the knowledge that we already have that we can apply to our present life situations. When we think of knowledge, we immediately think of the direct application of how we learned the knowledge, and we do not open up the freeway thought patterns to see the endless applications that we can use for any piece of true knowledge.

All knowledge should be Universally applicable. Once we begin to understand that all true knowledge is based in the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness, we begin to understand the Universal aspect of all learning and we apply our knowledge and use our knowledge in the quadrant design of the Rubik’s Cube. Removing the one focal point in the application of knowledge, very quickly allows us to see the connections that exist in all things within the Universal System. Once we can understand that our application of knowledge is the key to our growth and change, we will quickly and willingly seek growth and change as the next knowledge cycle to put our energy into an evolved motion of learning about ourselves.

I have always heard that time flies as you get older,and maybe that is why my time seems to be going so rapidly. I think about all of the Spiritual Philosophy and Neural Depolarization that I want to teach and then I remember the challenge that many people have in learning and changing, and there we are at the “Never the twain shall meet”concept. Neural Depolarization and Spiritual Philosophy are a challenge for many people to learn because they have been taught to focus their mind externally instead of internally, which keeps them from grasping the logic of Spiritual Philosophy and Neural Depolarization. We cannot solve our internal problems by focusing externally. Expanding our thinking mind is the best way to solve all problems as individuals,communities, states, and countries.

Our biggest challenge in the application of knowledge is that we do not understand ourselves as both energy and matter. When we think we are matter with a mind, instead of energy as a mind, we do not understand how rapidly we can associate and understand our life if we support our energy in its freedom of thought. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us how to use the true energy of our growth and change as a human species. Neural Depolarization teaches us about the energy within us that allows us to be physically healthy, happy, and functional human beings that can live without disease and pain. When we see ourselves as simply physical beings, we do not understand the energy of disease and the lessons it is attempting to teach us. How can we learn to heal our internal diseases if we think something outside of ourselves is making us sick? This goes back to the old adage, “Garbage in, Garbage out.”

When we use the application of knowledge towards ourselves, we can begin to relate many things to our state of health and state of thinking as a mind. Air, food, and water relate dramatically to our health, which Hippocrates was teaching around 400 B.C. Today’s physicians do not have the same insight as Hippocrates had, therefore our health issues are approached from an external concept of medication and surgery, rather than the whole body approach of health. I urge each of you to think “health” first and do all that you can to live a healthy and happy life, because your health is the best insurance policy that you can have. Depression, anger, fear, unhappiness,and other negative emotions also affect your health and your happiness levels. Find a confidant that you can discuss your life with and receive positive and productive guidance from. Many of our negative feelings can be secondary to an internal chemical imbalance that can be corrected with the proper foods, water, and air.

I will continue with the Hidden Memory series through 2008. This year I covered the Hidden Memories that are stored in the neurons of our brain, which will be published as a book sometime later in 2008. This year I will cover the Hidden Memories that are stored in the cellular structure of our physical body and how these memories affect each life that we live including our present physical life. Bruce Lipton (PhD)’s book, Biology of Belief (2005), which supports what I am teaching in my Hidden Memory classes. For me, Bruce Lipton has supported what I teach as absolute truth. Not many other scientists have looked at our cells and their memory so intensely. It is time for us to realize that we have been returning to physical life as a means of learning for hundreds of thousands of years as eternal energy beings. When we begin to understand our design as energy and matter, we will be able to remember those past lives that directly relate to this physical life first, because these memories have a role in our growth and change today. 2008 classes on Cellular Memory are a prerequisite for anyone that wants to study Neural Depolarization in 2009.

I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year in 2008. My intense wish to the world in 2008 is that all of the Nations that live on Earth can learn to live in peace and tranquility. Communication is a Spiritual Concept of togetherness and peace. War is fighting our fellow man as a physical concept of fear. The time has come for us all to evolve as a human species and build Earth into the wonderful place that it is meant to be instead of destroying Earth. At this time, we have very little understanding of the effects of war on Earth itself, but we will experience each effect as we are already unknowingly doing. As we awaken to the dramas that we are creating, we will hopefully learn before it is too late to change and grow as human beings in the way that we think.

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