Friday, November 30, 2007

Local Authors' Book Signing - Pittsboro this Sunday

Local Authors' Book Signing – Dec. 2. Kathy Oddenino will join other local authors this Sunday at Unity Books and Stuff in Pittsboro.

Sunday December 2 is the First Sunday in Pittsboro and the First Local Authors' Book Signing at Unity Books and Stuff, at 80 Hillsboro Street. (Look for the purple shutters.) The authors will be here between Noon and 3:00 to sign their books for you. Some of the authors will also be reading from their books. You won't want to miss this very special event, so please come to support your favorite author!! And stay for the parade, which begins at 3:00.
(AND we will celebrate Sagittarians with Birthday Cake!)

Unity Books and Stuff

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