Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Up and Over!

My friend Sawyer shows you how!

Excerpts from my handout, November 11 Seminar:

Our consciousness energy is stored as hidden memories of thought, behavior, events, and dreams, to spur us to our next level of growth. We can live with a memory from birth until death and have no understanding of of how the memory got in our mind, what it means, or how to release it from our thinking mind. Many times, we will know the memory is there but we will not step outside of the box that says "we live only one lifetime." As we grow and change more and more through our multiple lifetimes, we will come to a lifetime where we will want to know, and feel a desperate urgency to know what that memory means to us as a human being. This will be our lifetime to want to learn, to understand, and to change into the information that we remember, so that we can create a totally new definition of "who we are" within our thinking mind. When we deny cooperating with our thinking mind, we can make ourselves sick to death, or we can grow and change at will to become who we want to be in this lifetime.

Once we clearly understand ourselves as energy and matter, we will realize that everything that we have ever done and will do is to be recorded in the energy of our human body. We have our physical identity, but we also have an energy identity which is made up of the neurons and the cellular structure of our physical body. Each and every cell has memory and it retains the memory of our past lives, which we could use to heal ourselves if we accepted ourselves as energy and matter and which we can use to make ourselves sick if we are attempting to create change in our physical lives.

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