Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Understanding Love

The soul” is a familiar phrase to most of us, yet it is not easy to find a clear definition. What is the soul? When we understand our Intelligent Design, as a spirit consciousness, we will know that our soul is dual, as our male thinking mind and female loving emotions. We will know the energy of us as a dual soul in relationship to our physical lives as human beings, and how to “map” the journey of us as energy and matter (evolving consciousness).

Through the years I have been teaching, my students have found lists helpful – lists are easy to refer to as we open our mind and are learning to repattern our thinking and behavior as we change our self-image from the energy fields of fear into living as loving people. Loving ourself is the key to knowing ourself as a spiritual being, living the ethical values.These are a few of the lists I have used at times to help students think about what love means to us.

Descending soul of physical nature has lived in fear

Ascending soul of divine nature will live in love

Loving self requires:

1- transition to loving emotions
2- consciousness of everything that you say and do and its cause and effect in your relationships
3- consciously using free choice
4- Being happy, independent and free within your heart
5- Appreciation for the miracle of life
6- Appreciating your physical body
7- Food, air, water, and sexual love

Intimate Relationships

1- consciously loving in your actions, words, behavior
2- communication
3- respect, value and honor your mate’s personal goals
4- live as a team
5- openness and truth are essential
6- touching without expectation of sex
7- consciousness of goals of mate – a meeting of the soul mind.

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