Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Critical Nursing Shortage is Predictable

An AOL headline article on Sept. 4: Low pay for a grueling job keeps many Americans out of the field – and that spells trouble as baby boomers age.

Articles appear every day about the critical shortage in nurses to fill nursing positions. A recent article I read reported that “an estimated 8.5 percent of the nursing positions in the U.S. are unfilled – and some expect that number to triple by 2020 as 80 million baby boomers retire and expand the ranks of those needing care. Hospital administration and nurses’ advocates have declared a staffing crisis as the nursing shortage hits its 10th year, the longest stretch in 50 years.”

Let’s look at this shortage in relationship to how we define and project our “needs” and what it means to have satisfactory outcomes in medical practice. I graduated from nursing school in 1951 and worked as a nurse for 40 years, in administration, immunology and transplant research, and bedside care. Since 1984 I have been writing books and teaching Spiritual Philosophy along with seeing clients individually, both for spiritual and nutritional counseling, and with Neural Depolarization, my trademarked energy therapy which works with the nervous system. I understand the energy design of our human body as matter, and I could no longer work in the medical world because the medical world has grown increasingly invested in “disease care,” and not health care. Since I was two years old, growing up on the farm in Salem, Illinois, I have known I wanted to be a nurse. My parents wondered how I even knew the word! From then until now I have worked as a health advocate, and I have seen big changes in the focus of “healing” to the focus of money marketing, drugs, and the monolith of pharmaceutical companies at the head of the “health care industry.” Why are so many of us sick? The diseases continue to compound themselves as we heap new industrial chemicals into our food, air, and water, and we continue to claim ignorance. We create new technologies to identify diseases faster, and add greater power to the scans and energy with which we target diseases in our efforts to “kill” them. Never mind the effects these targeted efforts have on the rest of the body, or on the whole of us as energy beings. There is ample evidence to show us how we are degrading and destroying our chemical balance and therefore our human life, through the food, air, and water we are consistently poisoning if we want to see it and accept responsibility in changing this scenario. We are responsible for our own health, and as we learn we can share this information from our experience with others so that they might be able to choose alternatives as well. We have become indoctrinated into the mindset that medicine is the only way to treat disease. This is not true.

We have to be a health detective by understanding the design of the body. All diagnoses should be the result of detective work.

Why have we forgotten our roots? I am old enough to remember a time without electricity, when everything we ate was eaten fresh from an abundant garden, or kept alive in the root cellar for later consumption. A time when our entertainment was by kerosene lamp, when Daddy would put my sister and I on his knee and we would listen to the radio. We had big dances in the barn loft, as many in our family played instruments and loved to dance. Some people certainly had pain, as I did, beginning early with rheumatic fever. In a time before so many drugs were created, we depended upon nature more. I do believe medicine has served great purposes for us – for infectious diseases and more. Many drugs were once based on the chemicals of nature! Then we became too smart for our own good. We thought we could do better - we could perfect nature. Arrogance and the ignorance inherent in it has been the demise of human populations and Earth before. This mind energy is how we create and perpetuate war.

We are designed as self-healing organisms. Our knowledge ought to help us use our creative and healing energies more efficiently and effectively. Evidence shows us this is not what we are doing. Why not? We must understand ourselves as energy and matter and we will understand the Universe. All diseases can be healed when we understand ourselves as energy and matter. We will know our Intelligent Design whose foundation is air, food, and water, and we will support ourselves, Earth, and each other in this focus of healing and enjoying the many gifts life offers us. It takes courage to be a thinker who goes beyond the status quo. We do not need to throw away all and reinvent the wheel, but we must look at ourselves internally, as the powerful self-healing creations we are, before we will rid ourselves of the urge to war and the trials of disease. Healing is an art whose memory must be revived and expanded, and nurses are a primary force in this change. The focus of medicine has failed nurses. The mission of nurses is take care of the sick by teaching them the healing energy of love. Now we have the knowledge of science to support this mission of “eternal life” and our ability to get healthy and stay healthy so we can enjoy life for hundreds of years.

I would like nothing better than to offer nurses, and physicians, fed up with the medical world as we know it, a way to learn the art of holistic healing again. This is why I am writing books and teaching Neural Depolarization as part of Spiritual Philosophy. Millions of people are sick and in pain and are tired of the treadmill of high costs, medicine with its lengthy list of side effects, and learning only to “cope with” pain or have debilitating treatment in hopes of killing a disease. Many have come to see me who are at the end of their rope, with death sentences after having exhausted what they thought were all roads to getting healthy. Have no fear. There are answers beyond our institutions. Clients who truly want to heal have healed “terminal” diseases, “incurable” diseases of all kinds, as well as minor and chronic conditions that are increasingly common in our world. We are all in this together, and we are each responsible for our own changes and choices. We must support each other as we choose change for health.

Nursing Shortage Fact Sheet

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