Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All of life is created by the interaction of relationships.

There can be multiple active participants and multiple passive participants, depending upon the nature of the event.

If there is an airplane accident and 286 people are instantly killed, you will have 286 active participants. If there are people that are killed in the crash on the ground, they are active participants. The passive participants will include all of the people that are related to those that are killed. They will experience the strongest vibration and therefore are in varying levels of active and passive participation.

The levels of vibrations will then spread out to all passive participants who felt an effect from the energy of the vent and the deaths. This will include those who read of the incident, saw it on television, listened to an account being reported on the radio, or heard the story through a friend. Others may not know of the event and will have no effect at all from the energy created.

Do you see the effect and how the energy vibrations will change from a dramatic swelling to a smooth surface?

Dramas are always opportunities to change from one level of conscious awareness to another. You change from one level of consciousness to another by an increased awareness of events and people, an openness to emotion and feeling, and by the exposure to new experiences.

As the waves rise and fall from the event, challenges to change will be created for many people. The change will be relative to the force of the vibration and the openess of the individual to the energy vibration. If you are exposed to an energy vibration and you refuse to respond to the energy because of your belief system, you will be denying the opportunity to change and grow.

When resistance and denial occurs, you will create the opportunity to be involved in more expansive events unti you capture your attention. Have you ever heard someone relate a sequence of dramatic events that occurred within his life in a string effect? This person is trying to get his attention to raise his level of consciousness.

Spirits will choose to enter into the physical realm with the express purpose of creating change. Change must be created in numerous ways for the intention to be fully understood within the physical world. In your physical perspective the spirit activity may be viewed as dramatic or traumatic. It is only the intensity of the vibrations that you are feeling that will create the desired effect. Seizing the attention of the physical world creates drama that is not understood in your world. The physical reason for the drama will not be understood by the consciousness of man. On a spirit level you will understand.

In life the physical body is finite. It has a beginning and it has an end. When you are born you are moving towards physical death. When you die, it will be your free choice. Your choice will be designed into your relationship to your life. In the physical perspective death will not be accepted as choice until you are open to the spirit understanding within.

Your choice of lessons can be viewed in how you treat your body, the activities that you choose to be involved in, and your concept of life and living. You will always BE, live, speak, and act relative to your belief system which is your consciousness level within the physical world. If you are gentle and loving; if you eat the right foods; if you take as much stress off your body as possible; if you avoid addictions; and seek peace and calm, you are being nice to the physical you. How you treat yourself will be relative to how you treat other people. You are the outside image of the inside energy of you. The energy within creates the energy without. (Sharing, pp. 88-89)

My next seminar, on November 9th, is on Shifting the Mind into Love. This will be my last seminar of 2008!

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