Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shifting the Mind into Love

Thank you, those of you who attended my last seminar of 2008!

Learning how to live our loving emotions is a major change for us as human beings, and it is vital to our energy concept of self. We must accept total responsibility for who we are and how we see the rest of our human interaction with other people. We have been taught to focus on ourselves and our "God" externally, which is not the perfect combination of using energy in matter. Our internal understanding of ourselves as energy beings is much greater than our external understanding of any major part of our life and living in multiple physical lives as physical beings. Once we clearly understand that we are a thinking mind and loving emotions as the energy fields that make us the Soul Consciousness that we are, we begin to have more faith in who we are and why we are living in a physical life. Once we understand that we are designed as a Dual Soul consciousness, we begin to see that as a Dual energy field, our Soul is both energy and matter, which defines our level of Spirit Consciousness. The physical representation of our Dual Soul Consciousness as energy is female loving emotions and our male, thinking mind, which live equally in both the male and female human being.

Once we can shift into our loving emotions, we begin to live our life by using the Ethical Values as the foundation of our human behavior. All we have to do is to imagine in our thinking mind what our entire world would be like if we loved ourselves and all other people from the energy of our loving emotions.

What is Love?
Love is caring.
Love is happiness.
Love is enthusiasm.
Love is excitement.
Love is Joy.
Love is bliss.
Love is passion.
Love is ecstasy.

Being a Spiritual person is worth the growth and changes that we must make, because fear is not a part of our Spiritual design. Fear is our response to ignorance as a thinking mind. Learn to live Spiritual Ethics as your lifestyle of growth and change, which will allow you to emerge into your loving emotional self as a thinking mind.

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