Monday, July 21, 2008

Live from our Spirit Mind Intention of Doing No Harm

Accepting responsibility for our actions always challenges us because we reflect our beliefs to others, assuming that their beliefs are consistent with our thoughts and beliefs. The ego is full of its notion of supremacy adn it refuses to be distracted by opinions that would not serve its self-centered focus of self-gratification. Our physical nature has not learned humility or patience, and therefore it consistently sees everyone elsein the reflection of its own image, which includes our ego image of God.

Blame and judgement become the symbols of our reflected ego image, which we use to protect our ego from responsibility and from any intellectual assessment of the credibility of our beliefs. Misdirecting our loving energy into a consistent pattern of destructive thoughts, words, and behavior allows the ego to use our past experience as proof of the unfair reality of life. Our ego attempts to con our intellect into its way of thinking to avoid any further investigation into the cause of the repetitious experiences that we are living.

Our repetitious patterns of misdirected mind energy then become the basis of our religious, governmental, and judicial laws, our education, medicine, science, and our businesses, which passes our misdirected mind energy into the societal and world arena to continue our diseasesed thoughts on a global scale.

We are the cause of our diseased personal lives as we reflec tour negative beliefs externally into our physical behavior and relationships. We are the cause of our mental and physical disease when we reflect our negative beliefs internal to ourself. The reflection of our negative beliefs, either internally or externally, determines the level of responsibility that we are subconsciously accepting and living as our reality of life.

Reflecting our convoluted energy inward toward our body and mind is a higher level of personal responsibility than reflecting our negative beliefs outward to affect other people. It is because we refuse to accept responsibility for ourself that self-gratification, greed, crime, and a multitude of other diseased behaviors prevail within the world today.

We must live from our spirit mind intention of doing no harm, despite the dramas that will unfold with this pure mind intention. Lessons are learned through the dramas of our physical experience and will constantly occur to challenge our level of understanding and coping with physical reality.

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