Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's Look at Lying

My next event is a 3-day Conference/Retreat (August 29-31)on Ethical Values of Thinking and Behaving. As I am writing the handout for the participants who register for the event, I am exploring deep levels of our energy form and how we create ourselves as energy in each life.

One primary pattern of living our hidden memories is lying.

Our hidden memory of our personal and internal behaviors, thinking, and feelings helps us to see that we can create love or we can live the carnage of our fears with pathological thinking, negative behaviors, and our intense lying, especially to family members. Lying is the most consciously destructive behavior towards our human cellular body and towards the entire 33 Ethical Values that are patterned within us. When we live our lives from within a web of lies we can and will destroy our own internal cellular structure. Any negative behavior, especially lying, which is conscious thought within our thinking mind, is always used as a method of deception towards other people. Lying is an energy form that can and will "eat" the healthy human cells and leave the body in a state of decay. Therefore when we live the practice of lying, our human body will bear the brunt of the carnage and we will have to live what we have created. Truth is the design of our Spiritual pattern.

Some people live through lies, because they are attempting to protect themselves from criticism, which motivates them to attempt to speak what they think others want to hear. This avoidance of truth is not seen by these individuals as lying. Instead, it is viewed through these fearful minds as the kindness of telling people what they want to hear. This is a perfect way to understand how we create our perception of life, other people, and especially family by our attempt to reflect to others our own level of conscious awareness, which can be based in lies or truth. Many times we can find ourselves doing, thinking, and feeling from our ancient hidden memories of dramatic lies that we have not visited in many, many lifetimes, which will prevent us from realizing that we are living our hidden memories and losing track of the present-day reality of who we are, where we came from, and why we are here.

"If our intellect, soul, and spirit could work cooperatively together as one mind energy it would not become necessary for any information to be misdirected. Our soul and spirit always communicates within our cells to remind the intellect and ego of its divine presence. When the communication from our cells is not accepted by our ego, disease becomes the way of communication. The organ or system that is chosen as a method of communication with the intellect and ego will represnt the physical symbol of our lesson." Healing Ourself, p. 26.

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