Saturday, August 16, 2008

Have the Strength and Courage to Accept

As each human being has the strength and courage to accept the soul and spirit through the veil of beliefs, change will be seen in all aspects of society and the world. We will love our freedom of choice in exercising our personal responsibility, and our physical experience of love, healthy, and happiness will be the effect of using our power of creation in total love, truth, and freedom of equality.

Shifting our sense of personal responsibility to ourself rather than science is of extreme importance to us. Believing everything that is put out by science as fact is creating a decreasing level of health for mankind. Medical science is aware of only a relative level of truth perceived from the base of knowledge, physical circumstances, and beliefs of the researcher. Knowledge is incomplete for man at this time as he seeks to expand his awareness of the physical body and mind. Physical circumstances are constantly changing and the beliefs of the researcher are tied to his/her physical nature, beliefs, and intellect, and are captive of the ego.

When science reveals trends that it does not undestand or believe, it ignores those trends. What science does not undestand is more important than what it thinks it understands. Our physical nature is closely connected to Earth as nature and we will always react to the interference of science with unnatural elements. Scientists have lost the memory of the eternal connection that exists with nature and have ignored that connection out of the ignorance of the male, physical nature. Ignoring the necessary support of nature that is totally responsible for our cellular restoraiton and rejuvenation is a way of bringing about death and diseae as we destory our physical and mental health.

Worshipping science and medicine as our savior is the physical need of our ego not to accept personal responsibility for ourself. Creating an illusion within our mind that we are free to abuse our body because medicine ahs the capability to fix it is equal to signing our own death certificate. Creating gods from scientists and physicians puts us in their control, to live from their beliefs, in the same way that religion controls us. Science and medicinen contorl us by our fear of death, religion controls us by our fear of death and jugement after death. Nature is more capable of balancing our physical body and mind than medicine but we must accept personal responbility for our relationship with nature - medicine cannot do it for us.

When we can understand that death is a conscious choice of our soul as a new beginning, we will no longer fear death or judgement. Releasing our fear of death and judgement releases our need for an external God to maintain life at all costs and to redeem us from our sins. This gives us the freedom and personal responsibility to use medicine as it serves us, to use relgions as it serves us, and to be comfortable and loving with our personal power and our freedom of choice. Removing ourself from the control of negative beliefs is healing ourself in both our body and our mind.

Accepting that our evolution as a soul requires that we rend the veil and awaken to our enlightened soul will help us choose a path for growth. Personal responsibility is our inspiration for soul growth. We may feel that we do not understand our soul and the growth that we need to pursue, but we can trigger ourself by beginning to live the lief that we want. If it is our choice to accept personal responsibility, we must consciously choose to accept it within our daily life experience thorugh our beliefs, behavior, and lifestyle.

If it is our choice to be healthy, we must feed our body with the proper air, water, and food as we release the confusion of disease from our mind. If it is our choice to be in a loving relationship, we must consciously be love in our behavior with our partner. If it is our choice to grow, we must look at our beliefs and behavior without fear and consciously release those that do not serve us anymore.

By consciously changing our behavior, we change our thoughts and our words, and we choose the cause that will create the ffect of change that we want within our lives. Our willingness to initate change begins the shift in our conscious responsibility from simply our physical needs of money, possessions, relationships, career, and our ego presence, into the unity of change that includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and feelings.

Healing Ourself, 121-122

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