Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ethical Values: Levels of Thinking and Behaving

Ethical Values are always our challenge to learn and live. We can write them down on a piece of paper, but the secret of our Ethical Values is learning how to live them internally each and every moment of our daily lives. The first three Ethical Values are Love, Truth and Equality. We must always learn to live each Ethical Value as the structure of our physical lives. When we start with Love and we attempt to learn love, how do we live it. In our mind, love is synonymous with sex, therefore we seek various sexual pursuits. As we look externally for "love," we are living many emotions of fear, but love probably never truly comes into the picture in our mind. We can ask ourselves "why" we would not be living love and we can try to understand that we cannot live fear and love at the same time.

Loving ourselves is the "key" to loving someone else. How can we live love towards another person when we do not live love towards ourselves? We can't, and we won't, because when we are not loving ourselves, we cannot understand how to show love to anyone that is external to us. Our emotions are always reflective energies. If we are angry with ourselves, we will feel anger towards every person that we come in contact within our daily life. When we are living in fear, we reflect fear. When we live in love, we reflect love. It is important for us to understand that we wear our emotions "on our sleeve" for everyone to see. If we are walking around cloaked in fear, everyone can feel our fear. If we are walking around cloaked in love, everyone can feel our love. If we are living our lives through a web of lies, everyone can feel our lies. If we are living our lives through the depths of truth, everyone feels truth within us. The level of energy that we are living has a dramatic effect upon our physical lives, the friends that we collect, and the excitement of our thinking mind.

Never forget that we are energy. Love and fear are energies. When we are engulfed in any form of fear emotion, we are wearing the entirety of our emotions as our "Emperor's new clothes, " which is what this "fable" is communicating to us. All of our Ethical Values are levels of love energy that we must learn how to live. If we cannot live our Ethical Values, we must make a conscious choice to study and learn how to live our Ethical Values , because this is our pattern of growth and change as energy beings. Learning to live our Ethical Values protects us as energy beings as we live our physical lives, gives us more happiness and joy, focuses our energy into greater areas of learning and growing, and it conditions our thinking mind in truth, which we must learn before we can live successful lives where we learn the Ethical Values by living them as our everyday behavior. These are the Dual Soul levels of growth and change into higher energy forms.

When love is the Ethical Value that we are living, we must love everyone, even when we choose not to be around those whose energy is abusive to us. Choosing to remove ourselves from the energy levels of another person is a protective issue. Therefore when we learn to live our Ethical Values, we learn to love self in an all-encompassing manner, which makes it unhealthy for us to be surrounded by energy that is living at a lower level and therefore dramatically abusive to us. Energy is always the internal design that allows us to choose our own level of energy within our personal family, friends, and acquaintances. We should and we must avoid energy within other people that is toxic to us. We always find ourselves feeling this energy, and if our own energy levels are at a low ebb, we can take on this negative energy and do harm to ourselves. When we are collecting friends, it is important to look at the equality of the energy levels that we want to associate with in our free time.

As we study the Ethical Values, we find our patterns of learning and change. Our first three Ethical values (beginning from the bottom of the list of 33) are compassion, cooperation, and communication. Our compassion for other people and their lives can lead us into relationships that may not be living at the level of consciousness that we are living and that we want to live. Learning to rectify our compassion with other Ethical Values is a primary lesson for our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Our compassion may threaten our own energy fields, which we must learn is inappropriate for us if we want to keep our own internal Spiritual balance. Once we begin to see that our compassion must also be lived with Free Will, Free Choice, and Free Intention, we begin to understand that we have freedom of choice within our own thinking mind to fulfill our free intention, by choosing to do exactly what we must do for our own integrity. It always requires strength and courage to be our own person and not allow other people to control us.

This is showing us some of the patterns of how we live our Ethical Values. The number of patterns that we will encounter in our lives that are there to help us learn our Ethical Values is endless. In contradiction to our Ethical Values, we will present ourselves with many negative lessons that we must learn as we live and interact with other people. This shows us that both our negative and positive energies are at work within our physical lives and it is our intention as a Dual Soul to reach the point where we are focused more on the positive than the negative. When we are consciously learning the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness, we must honor each and every Ethical Value that we have learned by living it as part of our daily lifestyle. If we cannot live our Ethical Values, it is because we have not yet learned our Ethical Values. This helps us see that we can think that we "know it all" without having truly reached the level where we truthfully "know it all." Once we do know it all we are reaching the end of our physical patterns with simply our external energy designs and therefore we must expand our energy principle internally or we will no longer be capable of coming back into a physical lifetime.

This helps us to understand that our levels of internal energy have a distinct purpose that we must be conscious of existing and learn to understand at a greater level than we have ever before understood our internal energy.

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Thankyou! This is so timely for me. I am really looking forward to the conferenc; what a wonderful gift to give myself!