Monday, September 22, 2008

The Law of Action and Reaction

Perception is based on the intellect, the ego, the belief system, the understanding, the awareness level and the soul memory. Each of our realities is a web of trilocular design, overlapping and merging to create the next design.

The development of the soul memory in your physical world changes your perception of all actions. These memories primarily have to do with past lessons learned. Soul memory will prevent the absorption of your belief system and is another indication of an old soul on Earth. Old souls do not need the support of societal beliefs. They are more comfortable standing alone. They do not view the world as a place of competition with their immediate contemporaries, but rather as a classroom for the development of their own soul. They certainly participate in life to learn lessons, but they do so on a dynamically different vibratory level. The vibratory level is determined by the intention for involvement.

What we already understand influences our reaction to each and every happening. That is true on a physical level just as it is true on a soul memory level and a spirit memory level. Lessons learned do not have to be relearned in the spirit world. It is only on Earth that man creates illusion which requires relearning, to allow true learning. In the spirit world there is only truth, love and perfection. There is no illusion in the spirit world.

All lessons learned become instant spirit memory. But in the physical sense learned is the key word in this statement. Many lessons that man considers to be learned are just a momentary awareness that in itself becomes lost with new participation in life. It is for this reason that man is seen to continue making the same mistakes over and over in a lifetime. If he fails to truly learn, he will bring that lesson back with him in the next incarnation. A lesson that continues to return with each incarnation is identified in your world as KARMA.

Spirit memory is reflected in the function of the intuitive mind. This is in no way connected to the function of the intellect. Intellect and ego require scientific support. Intuition requires faith and trust in the Godself. Intellect and ego usually find faith and trust untrustworthy. Intellect usually designates people functioning from faith and trust, with a variety of names which mankind is familiar with. Those souls are still at a primary level of searching. They have many lessons to learn on Earth.

When a soul incarnates to the Earth plane, it comes to Earth with a spiritual prospectus. It has total awareness at that moment of all the lessons that it wants to learn. A plan has been formulated with other souls that outlines the various paths that can be chosen for this to be accomplished.

The other souls that have agreed to help with this learning process are identified. You choose your parents, your siblings, some of your other relatives, the people you will meet in life, those you will marry. At that moment you know what your course is, in a loose format. but along with this knowing, you are given the free will of choice.

As you become involved in life, and the Law of Action and Reaction, actions occur in relationship to the design. The reactions then are determined, not by the spiritual prospectus, but by the belief system that you have absorbed as a physical being.

Only lessons are predetermined. How you eventually learn them, depends on your perception, the soul memories, your awareness, and your actions and reacitons to the influences in this physical existence. There is no right or wrong. Life simply IS.

Leaders are not afraid to choose by personal choice, rather than group influence. But if you learn to depend on the group influence, it will help mold the reality you create as life.

It takes soul involvement to have the courage to be different in your world. It takes faith, trust and personal strength. It takes an intuitive knowing that you can do anything you want to do, if you truly want to do it. Start developing the traits that Become You.

Joy of Health, 64-66


celina said...

How do we chose our parents and siblings and friends. I am not saying that we do not love them. We never saw them before we came to this life so how does that work?

Kathy Oddenino said...

Hi Celina. We choose our parents, siblings, and friends, as well as other relatives, because we have unfulfilled memories that we want to understand. We do interact with our family and friends many times throughout many lifetimes. This is how we learn and grow as a soul. I've written more about this in my books, as well as a few other blog posts. I encourage you to read my third book, Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships.