Monday, September 22, 2008

The Light of Our Spirit Consciousness

The light of our Spirit Consciousness is the truth of who we are, and if we suppress the light of our Spirit Consciousness, we reduce our energy fields strictly to the outline of our physical concepts of self. This helps us to identify our "competition" as a means of restricting our own internal energy fields, which certainly dims our "orbs of light" as they shine into the Universal System, which includes Earth. Because we create our own personal "orbs of light" through the level of energy that we are living, it behooves us to know that the more expansive our internal energy levels of our thinking mind and loving emotions are, the more we love ourselves and all other people. Internally we are not designed to compete because we are designed through the loving energy orbs of our Spirit Consciousness, which we can and do reflect into the world around us as light energies when we reach this stage of our evolution.

Competition is now being lived by most people in some aspect of our lives, which contributes to the restriction of our own internal energy, even when we do not recognize that we are living competition. When we retrict our own energy fields, we will not be conscious of the energy fields of another person. Competition is now considered normal and fun by most people, which helps us to understand the proverbial concept of why oil and water do not mix, and why certain personalities are repelling to us. For instance, competition in a small office, a small group of people, or small community can be very distracting and have no truly good qualities to be shared. Distorted energy allows us to see that our competition is not just physical, it also includes the mental and emotional aspects of our behavior, which changes the entire energy of any and all of our relationships.

excerpt from my upcoming class handout - Sept. 28, this Sunday!

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