Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Human Energy within the Universal System

We have not grown and changed recently as human beings, because our thinking mind is bogged down in physical drivel that is inappropriate for human beings at this time in their evolution. Most illnesses are self-induced, and others are induced by the medical community itself because it does not understand the energy of the human species, therefore many of the behaviors of medicine are counter-productive to human health. The challenge of the medical community is that they simply do not realize that human beings are created as energy beings first and matter second. Without this knowledge medicine does more harm than good, especially in the treatment of systemic diseases. The machines that are used to treat humans have a disastrous effect on the human energy fields and create multiple deaths in the process of “healing.” Each individual Soul will have to live what they do not know, therefore what we are doing to other people will become a major Dual Soul lesson for us to learn as it is done to us.

Our human energy is unique within the Universal System because of its trinity design. We are energy (as chemicals), water (chemicals), and matter (chemicals) as human beings. We are male, female, and Spirit Consciousness. In most lives we are dominant in either our male or female focus of consciousness and physical matter, despite having both male, female, and Spirit energies to work with as we grow and change. We can spend countless physical lives before we realize that we are eternal energy beings living in finite matter. Our finite matter can be reborn in any form that we choose as a human being. We must always honor the orb of energy that we have evolved into or we will return to the very basic orb of energy that is still choosing between animal and mammal. To make it simple, the energy of our thinking mind makes the difference. Do we think lofty thoughts that fly or do we think thoughts that follow us into our burial ground, to be understood in our next lifetime? The secret of our physical life is always in our thoughts and how we use them to enhance our Spirit Consciousness energy.

When our thinking mind dwells on competition, we are really competing with ourselves. A competitive mind will never allow anyone else to be right, because if another person were right a competitive mind would judge itself as wrong. Our ego is a separate energy orb that our thinking mind must deal with and conquer. When we live with our ego energy until death, we will bring our ego energy back with us into our next life, because our thinking mind sees our ego energy as the sacred image of self. Once we understand how we return to new life with our ego energy, it helps us to understand life after death as a reality. Sometimes the continuation of our life force energy is harder for us to grasp as part of our reality than our acceptance of death, which makes it imperative that we know our continuing energy as the energy of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Our Dual Soul is the energy of our thinking mind and loving emotions, and the Dual Soul is an integrated part of our Eternal Spirit Consciousness Energy during both life and death, which shows us the internal and eternal power of our Spirit Senses.

It is our Spirit Senses that guide our Dual Soul thinking mind and loving emotions, from one life into another life. As a Dual Soul we always have things to learn during each physical lifetime and it is our Dual Soul that grows through the everyday use of our thinking mind and loving emotions. Each subject that we must learn can take us hundreds of lifetimes of living the experience before we “get” the energy of the lesson as a Dual Soul. All of us are familiar with how we begin to learn as an infant and continue to learn as we grow into adulthood or until death parts us from life. It is always the energy of our Spirit Consciousness as our orb of continuous life that pulls all of our learning together in each lifetime to deposit it into the energy orb of our Spiritual design, which makes all of our knowledge available to us in our future lives.

Have you ever wondered how someone knows something as a small child that you have not yet understood in your life? This should answer your question. The energy of us is at all times accumulative from one life to another life, and this especially escalates when we begin to accept that we live more than one physical lifetime and that we take our “energy” memory with us. If we believe that we live only one lifetime, we will not accept the memory of our internal Spirit Consciousness in relationship to any and all memories. We will simply deny that any memory exists within our thinking mind. But the memory of our thinking mind and loving emotions will be able to make itself known in our responses to life’s experiences and our memory of the physical body. Many infants will show a wonderful memory response to their parents, grandparents, and other members of the family.

When we do not realize that we live more than one lifetime, we can certainly drop many of our memories that we could use to understand our physical reality. Drawing on past-life memory is a joyous event, and it helps us to realize that we are more than what we may have been taught that we are. Knowing that we have past lives also helps us to recall information as students when we are very young. The faster we learn to remember who we are, the more exciting our life becomes and the more that we can accomplish because we are not restricting ourselves with ancient belief systems, therefore we are not competing with ourselves but we are accepting of ourselves as an eternal energy of Spirit Consciousness. As we learn to actively use our energy orb of eternal light as we grow and change to live multiple lifetimes, we become an asset to ourselves and we no longer compete with our light of eternal memory as our energy orb.

Only people who do not understand energy and do not understand us as an energy first and matter second, can live in doubt of our capabilities of growth as an energy being. We have different levels of energy that make us human. We have the energy of the mind, memory, emotions, and senses that travel with us as we move from one physical life to the next physical life. This is our conditioned memory from each and every life that we live. Our senses also cover the conditioned memory of our past physical lives as well as our thinking mind and loving emotions. Once we understand that this is the energy of our accumulative memory that goes with us from one life to the next life, we begin to see that life is always competing with death as an eternal form of competition.

Life itself is in a competition with death because as a living energy, we choose to remember the energy of us even if we deny the matter of us, which allows us not to take qualities with us into our next life that we have not admired within our own personality and thought process in this lifetime. This transference of qualities that may not be supportive of who we are creates an opportunity for us to use death as our escape from life. Therefore when we absorb an energy orb of light that is not to our liking, we can call upon all of our stored and suppressed internal energy to change that energy as we move into a new lifetime, which keeps us from remembering the same energy in the next lifetime.

This is the source of what is called “conversion” by many religions, because it gives us the adaptability of change during our physical life, which we can then consciously use rather than attempting to compete with ourselves through living the same energy lifetime after lifetime as we refuse to change. As human energy we need all of the help that we can get in understanding ourselves and how we change, therefore religion has served a very valuable purpose for our Dual Soul that knows it must learn how to accept itself if it wants to continue with evolution as change. It is imperative for us, as human beings, to accept change while we are alive and well rather than accepting change as a deathbed maneuver, because when we accept change consciously as living and breathing human beings, we can live the joy of the change in our physical lives which allows us to appreciate the change and the outcome of the change.

We live our competition with life because of change being essential to our life. Making changes gracefully as we live helps us to learn the importance of energy. When we refuse to change, we are refusing to use the energy of change. When we welcome change, we are gratefully using the energy of change. When we are living our competition as a physical lesson, we will resist change as long as we can. Our energy has a way of playing our energy forward when we live change and playing it backwards when we deny change. Therefore we create the reaction of our own internal energy by the way that we approach life. Are we willing to change and grow, or do we resist all change and growth? It is good when we try to grow and change because the Spirit of us knows that we are trying to learn.

When we resist growth and change the Spirit Consciousness of us sees us as resisting all forward movement, which inspires our Dual Soul to create drama and trauma in our physical life to capture our attention, which will hopefully initiate change. Our Spirit Consciousness, as the energy orb of our human body, wants us to always learn, grow, and shine like a star in the sky. When change does not occur, the drama and trauma that is the result of abusing our own Spirit Consciousness as an energy orb falls to lower and lower frequencies because of our lack of support from our intellect. Each dramatic change in the energy orb of our Spirit Consciousness creates a yo-yo effect in our thinking mind as we slide back and forth in what we think we want and who we think we are. Every laborious effect that we launch against our own thinking mind, dims the energy orb of our Spirit Consciousness dramatically in our attempt to capture attention as competition.

Our internal Spirit Consciousness, as the energy orb of light that defines who we are as Spiritual human beings, has multiple levels of consciousness energy to learn how to use. This helps us to see how our thinking affects our behaviors which dims the shine of our Spirit Consciousness and moves us backwards into the challenges of the physical. Every physical temper tantrum of our thinking mind disrupts the energy orb of our Spirit Consciousness and pulls us backwards into our fear. When we are living through these resistive energies and denying change, we are attempting to capture our attention to force ourselves to complete the lessons that we are attempting to learn, which can and will change the energy of how we are viewing ourselves and our lives. We can be happy, or we can be sad. Our choice of how we live our life and our relationships is “our life” which we consciously choose to live and which always reflects the level of energy that we have grown into at this time in our evolution as an energy of Spirit Consciousness. It is important that we allow our Spirit Consciousness to shine with the energy orb of our Spirit, instead of forcing ourselves under a rock, which prevents us and other people from seeing the purity of the energy orb of light from our Spirit Consciousness that is guiding us through our physical experiences of life.

It is rather amusing when people have a belief that they are simply their physical persona and they continue to live through their fear beliefs as they challenge every other person around them. The constant process of challenging everyone around us, simply shows us that we do not understand the energy of our Spirit Consciousness and the power of our Spirit Consciousness energy. We literally wrap our human body in the energy orb of the level of Spirit Consciousness that we are living. Spirit Consciousness is our internal and eternal light, that creates the energy orb that we live within. We have the power to change our energy levels by learning about ourselves, changing how we relate to other people, and allowing our Spirit Consciousness to expand in its energy, which allows our entire energy field to grow and expand in the intensity of our internal love. If we are not living our love, we will not reflect the same internal light externally to other people, because we are not using the intensity of light within our thinking mind and physical body. It is our internal light of love from our internal Spirit Consciousness that allows other people to love us with their internal light of love. Once we understand the energy of love as the basis of our Spirit Consciousness, we are able to see the energy that we emit and that other people emit as their orb of light. This light manifestation is not understood by the average person because we see ourselves as physical matter. But the light core of us is always the energy of our Spirit Consciousness, which shines like a star within our personality. As we use the light energy of our Spirit Consciousness, we become a “star” on Earth. Our stardom is not a physical condition, but it is the energy condition of our Spirit Consciousness that we are either hiding from or freely using in our daily physical life.

From the very beginning of our human life on Earth, we have been an energy of Spirit Consciousness which shines as an orb of light. This is one reason that human beings have always been fascinated by the stars in the sky. Our internal orb of light creates us on Earth as stars of Spirit Consciousness. When we are living through our fear, uncertainty, and make-believe as human beings, our orb of light from our Spirit Consciousness is not seen because it is cloaked in the black robe of fear that we are hiding within. When it is our intention to shine as a Spirit Consciousness, we must learn the truth of who we are and then we must live the truth of who we are. If we live from fear, the orb of light that is our Spirit Consciousness cannot be seen because the properties of fear are darkness which masks the purity of our light. As more people grow and change and learn the capability of adjusting their vision, we will see more orbs of light in the lightness of day and in the darkness of night.

In learning the truth of Spirit Consciousness, we learn the truth of our own creation as energy beings of eternal light. We were first created as an eternal light energy of Spirit Consciousness that created the design of our human body from Earth and Nature to give us a design of self that we could use in our growth and change. We have never to this day understood ourselves as energy beings, but now we must change and begin to recognize that it is our energy essence that is expanding. As energy beings, we never die but we consistently change our physical form when we destroy our previous creation. In understanding ourselves as energy beings living in matter, we can create a harmony between our energy and our physical body to prevent illness and early death. The eternal energy of us is our Spirit Consciousness, which lives as an energy orb that we recognize as the energy of light.

(copyright 2008, Kathy Oddenino - excerpt from seminar handout)

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