Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lust or Logic?

This Sunday, May 25, is my next seminar on Sex and Love as Energy Fields of the Dual Soul. The seminar will be at the Rigmor House in Chapel Hill. If you're looking for a new way to spend a "Memorable" Day, join us! Call 919-545-9937. Here are a few excerpts from my handout for the class.

Our thinking mind becomes to us like a fabulous book of memory, where we can go to examine new thoughts and ideas. Each of us stores our memory in our cellular nervous system, from our brain to our toes, even when we have no memory of what we have stored.

We must ask ourselves, Why is our soul searching so desperately for love? Sex and love are both energy fields of our Dual Soul. Sex is a physical act that is designed to produce children, adn love is an emotion that is essential in raising children. This helps us to understand the true connection between sex and love that motivates us into marriage and childbirth. Knowing that our design is focused on loving ourselves and loving other people, which can include the act of sex, becomes a very valid piece of information for our thinking mind as we create our everyday behaviors. When we understand sex and love, we are expanding the energy of our Dual Soul and beginning to understand ourselves.

When we are being untrue to our Soul growth, what are our internal cells telling us?
Why do we feel the pain of our behaviors?
What do we mean by "stored cellular memory"?
Why are growth and change not synonymous?
Why do we have sexual relationships?
Why we do we create new life through our sexual relationships?
What happens if we create new life without the truth of love being present in our sexual relationships?
Why we do we allow ourselves to be driven by the "sexual lust" of our thinking mind rather than the logic of our thinking mind?
Who do I want to be?

The healthier we are, the better our sexual experiences are in life. When we convolute our thinking mind, contaminate our physical body, and consecrate our loving emtions, we are not allowing ourselves to grow and change as required by our human design. When we create distortion within our thinking mind, we will distort our image of our own sexuality, which will lead us astray sexually as we attempt to expand our sexual conquests to restore our self-image. This behavior is inappropriate and leads us further into the subterfuge of our thinking mind. This helps us to realize that the most appropriate behavior is always a truthful and open behavior of sharing our thoughts openly and truthfully with those we love. Unhealthy thoughts will lead us into unhealthy sexual behaviors, and when we do not want to stop our behaviors and the more we are told that we should stop them, the less we hear as we follow our own goals of living. This helps us to see that many times we allow ourselves to be driven by the "sexual lust" of our thinking mind rather than the logic of our thinking mind. When we live in "lust" we counteract our thinking mind and we will find ourselves dreating dramas in our lives, especially in relationship to money and time.

Truth is not a major issue when anyone begins speaking about sex. This is why both men and women spend time in "outside" relationships without revealing the situation to their spouses. Another level of conquest is found in lying successfully to a spouse or partner, which adds to the experiences. Lying to a spouse is tantamount to lying to ourselves, therefore if we have already established the pattern of lying to ourselves, we will lie to our spouse with a sense of accomplishment. The journey of an unhealthy mind through the mind fields of infidelity becomes a game of daring that is hard to create in any other way, therefore our mind will think it is unbelievably daring to live in such an untruthful manner and will take pride in its accomplishment of lying.

Our sexuality is more of an energy than a physical experience. Our sexual energy is designed in each lifetime by our beliefs. We create our sexual experiences from the level of our thinking mind. When we are living our image of love from an external perception of life, we look for physical love in everyone, everywhere, and we have no rules to guide us. Until we know ourselves as energy beings, we cannot understand the secrets of our physical body. Sex is a physical act that is used to propagate the human race. Our Spiritual instincts are our Ethical Values. Our image of sex and love are the primary energies that lead us astray as human beings. We can never hide the truth of our own energy fields because we are wearing them like a shroud. When we can open our minds to the concept of ourselves as energy beings, we begin to see sex and love as two different energy fields that are very important in our physical energy as well as our world of energy. Always remember that as energy beings we live an unlimited life. AS physical beings we live with many obstructive forces that keep us from creating in the way that we want to create. Knowing who we are is important to our growth and change.

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