Thursday, December 05, 2013

Our Journey Into Love

Many people think they are living the truth while they are lying, cheating, and stealing. We don’t see learning to live truth as a lesson. And we don’t see the other aspects – lying, cheating, and stealing – as lessons. These are patterns of acting out rebellion within the soul. Some people don’t seem to know there is such a concept as truth. Truth for our soul is a truth we have to learn and live through our physical experience.

There are all levels of truth. But truth lives within us, not totally external to us. How do we choose what we want to learn? We of course choose it with soul influence, but we also choose it with the influence of our heart, the emotional self. It behooves each and every one of us to learn about and to live our emotional self.

As human beings we are designed with three distinct parts: our mental and emotional self, physical self, and sensory self. These three parts of us reflect into the world the particular thoughts, behaviors, and actions of who we are. No one can escape the patterns they create and reflect to the world without their own intention being used.

Our life is designed through love. If we do not understand the love within, how can we reflect the love within externally to us? If everyone lived their love, we would erase most of the problems we create and encounter as human beings on Earth.

The emotional self is in reality the foundation of us as human beings.  We have a tendency to think that we are physical and nothing else, but of course that is not true. We are first of all energy, and part of our energy is our emotional soul. If we do not understand this pattern, we will abuse it and attempt to destroy it within our mind. It is as though we were using a cleaning system on the mind to take away the good and reinforce the bad.  If we want to be human we must first be human in our understanding and conduct (Ethical Values). If we do not understand ourselves as a soul, a spirit, and a physical being, obviously we are denying and not using vital parts of our design.

Learning to live within our entire design helps us to be more human, more conscious, and it helps us to design our life in a happy and healthy way. We must understand ourself if we want to learn and live the journey into love.

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