Friday, December 06, 2013

Self-Disclosure and Our Hidden Memories

Why are we fearful of self-disclosure?  Why are we afraid to analyze the environment of our thinking mind, and realize why we are leading ourselves into fear rather than love? Could it be because we are judging ourselves, which allows us to reflect our internal judgment externally towards other people, while we remain fearful of looking at ourselves and defining the fears that we continue to live?  Our beliefs and behaviors always become the environment that we create within our physical life and that we actively live every moment of our physical lives. In effect, we fear our hidden memories because we believe that we live only one physical life, and we cannot bear to face our own internal self-judgment and fears of not being perfect in the reflection of our physical image of who we are into the environment that we live within.

It is hard for us to accept that our hidden memories are always being made known to us internally and that these same hidden memories can be responsible for the life choices that we make and live.  As we think and speculate about who we are in this physical world of Earth, we are aware of only a very small fraction of the energy that makes us human and that we live day by day in our physical lives.  Our internal image of ourselves only focuses on the ego concepts of who we think we are, and not on the external image of our relationship to and with our fellow human beings.  Yet every day that we live and interact with other people, we are reflecting a composite picture of the truth of who we are, despite the fact that our ego will at the same time be furiously painting another picture of ourselves within our thinking mind that will allow us to feel superior or inferior to our family, friends, and acquaintances.  

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