Wednesday, December 04, 2013

New Growth and Lasting Change

Life is a river. At times the water is muddy and turbulent. At times the water is crystal clear and smooth as glass. But in each experience there is the consistency of movement and change. As in the river, the change in the life of man is internal and at times hidden from the eyes of man.

In change there is always the creation of new growth. The change that occurs within man creates a lasting change. As in the river, the structure of the flow in life has changed and it will never return to its original form.

When man views a river, he will see only the surface water. The water that is flowing below the surface can be very strong and purposeful as it rushes along seeking, but knowing not what it seeks. The river has a pattern to follow and it will follow this pattern without fail, until the water becomes greater than the pattern can accommodate.

Once the river is full to overflowing it will change and develop a new direction, a new path of existence. So, too, will the mind of man.

For man the pattern structure of the flow of energy is determined by the belief system that the mind has attached itself to. This belief system will be naturally changed by the flow of life. If man allows himself to be open to the flow of life's experience, he will be full to overflowing. Without this openness, the experience will be forced to follow the pattern that is in place and growth will be restricted and confined.

With restriction, growth will give way to stasis, confinement, and suppression. Man must continue to move with the energy within, and to grow from the energy within. Change by movement of energy is the definition of life and living.

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