Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Value of Spiritual Conversations

Anytime that we are seeking to change how we think, the most exciting experience that we can have is to discuss our thinking. We have a fantastic thinking mind, which we have limited by closing our thinking mind to “taboo subjects.” What is a taboo subject? It all depends upon the company that we are keeping and the openness to unusual thinking. If we have intense religious beliefs, we will probably resist any mention of multiple lives, Spirit Energy, earthly after lives, Dual Soul, and Spirit Consciousness. These are concepts that we use freely when we are involved in Spiritual Conversations, because they define our internal Spirit Consciousness as a thinking and loving energy and how we live our Spirit Consciousness on a moment by moment basis as human beings becomes an essential part of our thinking mind and our human relationships.

Most of our conversations of the last two thousand years have been about God, being saved, heaven, hell, punishment and our one-life belief. In our Spiritual Conversations we talk about love, truth, equality, integrity, strength courage, patience, understanding, support, unity, commitment, integration, faith, trust, humility, honor, value, respect, organization, form, structure, discipline, knowledge, passion, free will, free choice, free intention, compassion, cooperation, and communication which are the Ethical Values that each of us must live if we want to live as Spiritual Beings. Once we understand the truth of our Ethical Values, it becomes easier and easier to live them in our daily lives.

When we are capable as a human species of living the Ethical Values, we will never fight another war on any level such as personal, state, country, or nation. We will not allow people to kill each other because we will revere life and protect life. When we protect life as sacred, we give ourselves opportunities to grow and change to more intelligent and loving human beings who have an opportunity to create from the internal wisdom of our human Soul. Knowing the beauty and purity of our Dual Soul gives us unlimited faith in our human design and its intention of growth and change. If we do not know the truth of ourselves, we wander in the darkness of our thinking mind and we are closed to any conversations that will reveal the truth of who we are to ourselves. We are afraid of truth, because we live in fear. When we live in love, truth becomes our friend and our constant focus as a thinking mind. At this moment in time, we will have no fear or judgement because we will have accepted the truth of ourselves.

For our normal conversations to be truthful, we must accept that we are energy beings that are living eternal lives on Earth. We must learn and grow from our Earth Experience to expand the Spirit Consciousness that is designed to expand and grow as our thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit Senses. We can do this, and we can love our change and growth as we begin to feel very good and very confident about ourselves. Join us and be part of this inspiring group of free thinkers!

Enjoy ongoing conversations about what it means to live an Ethical life ...
Bring your opening mind, a friend, the beverage of your choice
“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell Suggested Reading: Richard Restak: BrainScapes, John Dowling: Creating Mind

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Maggie said...

I find your assumptions about the last 2000 years to be well -- tragic.
All I can recommend is that you get a copy of "Conversations" by the theologian Eugene Peterson and read his commentary inserted throughout the scripture.
The Message IS that God loves us -- and absolutely nothing we do can stop Him from continuing to love us.

So sorry you missed this Message

Kathy Oddenino said...

Maggie, I appreciate your comments, although you missed my point by the proverbial "ballfield." I have attended several religious schools, and I am certainly no stranger to scripture. Most people are truly challenged to understand scripture in the same way that most people are challenged by Spiritual Philosophy. It is very unfortunate in our society that most people have not learned philosophy. I have spent many years studying religion, but I have also studied Philosophy for many years. Unfortunately most people only get the "religious" concept that they have looked at with a totally myopic view through their lives. I believe that we should all open our thinking minds to new thought and see how it relates to our entire picture of life, which is what Spiritual Philosophy is all about. Perhaps you should give equal reading time to the Old Greek Philosophers as you do to the Bible, because if you did it might change your opinion of life.