Monday, April 27, 2009

The Creation of Our Dual Soul Energy

Do we ever really think about our creation? How was our Dual Soul Energy created? Our Dual Soul Energy design was created billions of years ago as the Earth itself was created as an energy of matter. Our Dual Soul Energy is both the thinking mind and the loving emotions, which are two complimentary energy fields that were created as energies of the human being, who was designed to live as an energy within the energy of Earth. The energy of the human and the energy of Earth are both eternal energies of the Universal System. When a human dies, the energy of the human comes back into a new energy as a thinking mind, loving emotions, Spirit Senses, and as a physical body. These four energy groups all have their own special focus of energy, but they are designed to complement each other and to work together as a dramatic form of learning as energy beings.

How we create our Dual Soul Energy can only be answered within us when we fully understand that our Dual Soul is energy and how we live from our Dual Soul energy in our everyday life. Our Dual Soul lives within us as dual energy fields which are created by our thinking mind and loving emotions, which are both energy fields that are learning how to live together and to support each other in our energy growth as we live our physical lives. If we are not really thinking for ourselves and expanding our thinking mind, then we are living from all of our past life beliefs. It can be productive in each new lifetime to review these past life beliefs which are all an integrated part of our Dual Soul Energy. When we are open to reviewing what is left in our thinking mind, learn what we must from the experience, solve any soul confusion that exists, and move on to bigger and better thoughts and emotions as a Dual Soul, we are taking care of ourselves and expanding our Dual Soul in an appropriate manner.

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Nicolas said...

I believe when we process into the death state we become negative energy or as i like to think of it as green energy. Negative/green energy, as thought through the idea of a component of the Dirac sea theoretical model. Green energy supports the gravitational force needed to keep the earth intact in scientific realism.
From an apocalyptic mind-set I feel we are a fuel. Fuel for what, I have no idea, but having a rapid population growth does not set right with me. Especially, with the idea that there is a fluctuation through which re-emerging of dual souls and reincarnation happen.
Seeing that so called ghosts can be sent out of a physical establishment through various wards. Question is, "When the apocalypse comes to fruition where there is no actual physical hiding place remaining to harbor our green energy from being captured from what or whom. Anyhow, I enjoyed your dual soul segment, and will try to radiate peace and love.