Monday, April 06, 2009

Creating beyond the ordinary

Life is also the major lesson of knowing the difference between our sexuality and our loving emotions. Sex is a physical act. Love is an emotional experience that comes from our emotional design. Some people do not know the difference yet between sex and love, therefore when we meet someone that does not know the difference between sex and love, we should understand why and support them in their growth and change. This knowledge is a major function of our personal self-knowledge, and when we are deficient in our self-knowledge, we will be challenged to understand our sexual identity, which is a functional energy of ourselves that we reflect outwardly into our relationships. As we look at the masses of individuals that are challenged by their sexual identity, we can see the enormous numbers of people who are attempting to grow and change. Most individuals do not recognize that our growth and change is mental not sexual.

Our life is always about our own personal growth and change, therefore no one else can grow and change for us. We are totally responsible for our own internal and external growth and change. Once we can accept personal responsibility for who we are, we will open our eyes to the beauty of our internal patterns of growth and change, which are eternally our absolute personal responsibility. When our thinking is clear and concise about what our life is about, our behavior will be clear and concise as we focus on the personal growth of our internal energies as our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses. At the present time, most people are living in a “void” - they have stopped thinking and they are focused on believing. This focus on our beliefs takes our thinking mind back into ancient beliefs rather than allowing our thinking mind to move into the new and different realities of our own internal growth. Once we understand that it is our thinking mind that is stuck, we can consciously change the way that we think. Any physical challenge that the average person faces in life will pull the mind back into the belief system, which acts as a detriment to growth and change.

Once we allow our thinking mind to backslide, we become buried in fear and anxiety which keeps us from moving forward into our loving emotions. We cannot live in fear and anxiety at the same time that we are living our loving emotions. These are opposite and incompatible energy fields. If we are living in any form of fear, including our fear of survival, then we cannot live in our loving emotions. Once we can experience the energy of true love, we will never backslide into the energy of fear, even when our physical world is not living up to our expectations. Recognizing the truth of how we feel and what we want to create is a major step forward in our physical reality. If we are totally comfortable with the “status quo” we will never create beyond the ordinary. When the “ordinary” itself challenges us, we begin to function at a higher level of opportunity, in every facet of our human design as in our thinking mind. loving emotions, Spirit Senses, and our physical world. It is through our thinking mind that we literally “think” ourselves out of our mediocracy, without taking advantage of another single person.

Anytime that we take advantage of another person, we are showing ourselves our own twisted thinking mind, because we are not living our love, truth, and equality in our life, therefore the behavior that we reflect into another person’s life will not be the energy of our love, truth, and equality. We can overcome our fears about our life only through the acknowledgment of our fears to ourself. Fear is a toxic energy that keeps us from living our love, truth, and equality as the first three Ethical Values. If we cannot live the first three Ethical Values, we most certainly cannot live any of our other Ethical Values. Our Ethical Values must be learned first by learning our love, truth, and equality as the first three Ethical Values, which begins to clear our thinking mind of all of the fears that we have accumulated and allows our growth and change to escalate as we begin to open to our internal energy of Spirit Consciousness. As long as we harbor any fears of any form in our thinking mind, we will not be able to grow into our Spirit Consciousness. When we are living in fear, we will automatically take advantage of other people without recognizing what our behaviors are truly saying to us, because our thinking mind will be totally self-focused and how we are affecting other people will not be part of our conscious reality.

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