Thursday, April 02, 2009

Personality, Attitude, and Honesty

Energy is very real, and once we recognize negative energy, we can identify many stressful situations from which we can protect ourselves. If we are part of a business, we must be certain that the person who is running the business is a loving, giving and honest person, because if they are not a loving and honest person there is a major chance that the business will fail. Personality, attitude, and honesty are major players in any business. Truth becomes a major issue in everything that we say, do, create, and share. When we meet anyone that is living through their dishonesty, the relationship can only fail in time. Dishonest people are always focused on copying another person's energy. When we copy another person, we are not living our own internal love of self.

Our loving emotions are a pattern of supporting loving energy that helps us to change and grow as human beings. This energy has always been taught in Christianity as well as other religions by the belief that we must, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This belief has been the "bedrock" belief in many religions. It is also a bedrock belief in Spirituality, and it was the closeness of the relationships of the ancient philosophers that allowed them to grow and change together and to continue with their Spiritual teachings throughout their lifetimes. Anyone that was not living the Ethical Values as they learned their Spiritual teachings did not remain as a student of Spiritual Philosophy, because they became uncomfortable after a time and then they discontinued their relationship with other Philosophers.

If we do not treat other people on an equal level with ourselves, we have not yet learned how to live as a Spiritual person. This means that we must not act in any negative way towards another person, if our behavior would not be acceptable for us to live equally. This is the very foundation of our loving emotions as a Spiritual person. When we learn to live our loving emotions, we are always equal towards each and every relationship within our human experience of life. Those individuals that are living love, truth, and equality will stay joined together in their search, but those people who are not living love, truth and equality simply fall away from the group. This shows us how the loving energy of our emotions work internally within us to maintain our relationships. Anyone that is not living their loving emotions will not be capable of maintaining the energy of any loving relationship in their life.

When we express our love towards another person through our physical behaviors, the other person might consider our behaviors unloving if we do not meet their emotional goals. When we live our loving behaviors, we do not support people in any behaviors that do not support them in their own loving emotional growth and change. This pattern of living our loving emotions can be very misunderstood by individuals that see themselves through "rose-colored glasses" rather than the truth of who they really are and the level of energy they are truthfully living. If we want to become loving beings, we must learn how to live love, truth, and equality towards all people. When we live our love, truth, and equality towards a person that is not living their love, truth, and equality we will find that person judging us by their own level of fearful energy rather than looking at us through their loving emotions. Judgement is not a loving emotion and therefore it will break down the loving emotional energy within a group if it is focused upon.

We must look at ourselves to determine where we are in our personal path of evolution, which is always unique to our own growth and change as an energy field of Spirit Consciousness.

We will continue exploring the energy of our emotions in relationships at our three-day event (April 10-12).

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