Monday, April 06, 2009

Our relationships give us an opportunity to live our loving emotions

Our belief that we live only one physical life is a very restrictive and “dumbing down” belief. This “one life belief” is a major insult to us and our eternal life patterns. When our brain is being controlled by our ancient beliefs, we do not leave any room for our thinking mind and loving emotions to grow and change because we do not see ourselves as living an “eternal life” which gives us unlimited opportunities to grow and change as human beings.

When our thinking mind cannot grasp what we are attempting to learn as we evolve from one lifetime to another lifetime in our pursuit of equality, we will continue to think that we live one life as either a male or female, and we will miss the obvious truth that we live as both males and females as a pattern of our eternal evolution. As we do unto others, we are also doing unto ourselves as the patterns of our behaviors become the collective patterns of our eternal memory.

When a man or a woman lives a life where they are angry at the opposite sex, we can easily see the story of what we have created as a human being through our eternal life experiences. We create our eternal challenges of life as a means of learning about our eternal life saga. Being who we are is our eternal life challenge, especially if we believe that we live only one life as one sexual focus. When we believe that we live only one life, we are rejecting our loving emotions as part of our physical life focus. Since our physical focus represents our male energy and our female focus represents our loving emotions, it helps us to see that each of us as male and female have the same design although the emphasis on the sexual role is different. The male has an intellectual focus and the female is known for her loving emotions. These roles are interchangeable and they are no longer truly related to the male or female because of our growth and change into a whole being that has the capability of using all parts of our hidden memory.

As we remember, we begin to relate to all of the physical lives that we have lived through our memory of each life. Once we “see” ourselves in the various roles, we are capable of remembering what we have learned as we have lived through this eternal experience of life. We change our sexual orientation in different lifetimes to help us learn the differences and the similarities as we live both our male and female experiences. The changes that we make in our sexual focus definitely help us to appreciate every role that we are living. If we did not live as children, how would we be as an adult? Childhood is our learning experience in the same manner that each life is a learning experience and our sexual orientation is a major part of the lesson. Each and every aspect of our human condition is teaching us the truth of how to be human and how to interact with other people as a learning experience. Our relationships give us an opportunity to live our loving emotions.

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