Thursday, August 20, 2009

Next Seminar - How & Why We Have Spirit Sensory Energy

For thousands of years, humans have lived and learned, seeking to Know Themselves and their purpose on Earth. How many of us continue to ask ourselves who we are as human beings, why we live and die as we do, what is freedom, what is love, what does it mean to be healthy and happy? These are indeed eternal questions. They are not eternal mysteries, except to the mind that does not continue to gain knowledge and use that knowledge to become an Ethical Energy being living in physical form, as a human being. Do we become "better people" each day? What does it mean to become a "better person"? How do we know? Are our minds truly open to knowing ourselves as energy beings?

We have a tendency to see ourselves as simply physical beings that live only one physical life and then we die. We need to realize that we are growing and streamlining ourselves as energy beings as we learn and change in each and every one of our physical lives. If we do not learn, we do not change! If we do not understand the importance of our internal growth and change, our thinking mind and emotional self will continue to be strictly focused in the physical reality that we accept as who we are. Our physical lives are at all times a learning experience for our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness, but when we begin to see every aspect of our human experiences as an energy learning experience for the "internal energy design of us," we take our learning out of the physical concepts and shift it to the energy concept of who we are as evolving human beings.

We are much more unique as cellular beings than we have accepted and learned about. We are Spirit Consciousness Energy that lives eternally, whether we are living in physical matter or we are living in total Spirit Consciousness Energy. At this point in our evolution we cannot consciously learn without the support of our physical matter and our consciousness intention. We use our physical senses as part of our Spirit Consciousness Energy to stimulate our thinking mind and its consciousness levels, to allow ourselves to grow and change through our energy stimulation. We automatically respond to the physical reality of life at the precise level of Consciousness Energy that we are living. This is why we must always focus on growth and change as the energy of our physical lives. Without growth and change within our physical reality, we will not grow and change enough to create a higher level of consciousness in our next life.

We all know people that we immediately understand do not meet our operational level of energy, and we know that we must adjust our own internal energy fields if we want to be capable of communicating with that person on their individual level of energy. Once we are living at higher levels of energy, we understand how to use our physical energy without losing any of our Internal Spiritual Energy, therefore we can communicate with anyone by using our "sliding scale" of energy fields. Athletes refer to their capabilities as their "physical energy" without realizing that physical energy is not an "original" energy fields. Our physical energy is a by-product of our thinking mind and physical body, and both of these energies have built-in energy sources. As humans we are not "original" energy fields, but we are created energy fields that are very methodically returning into new physical life and intentionally moving through different energy fields to help us grow and change internally.

Socrates spoke of this sliding scale when he discussed with others through his questions and answers, asking that others "take me with you" so that I might follow your thought and then reply. This art of dialogue is the opposite of war, and leads to wisdom as minds listen and respond. Today we seem uncomfortably content with simple answers which do not lead us to wisdom. Simplicity leads to wisdom when minds are open to Knowing themselves, and exploring the energies which make up our design, the history of us as interactive, interdependent energy beings.

Join us, enjoy the art of dialogue, give your mind the gift of guidance of spirit love and its infinite senses! Next seminar - August 30! How and Why We Have Spirit Sensory Energy.
(The picture above is the Pittsboro Community House, new home of our current Spiritual Philosophy events. Imagine yourself there, see if you don't smile!)

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