Monday, August 31, 2009

Why Do We Have a Sick and Befuddled Society?

We are designed as human beings to live from the guidance of our Sensory Energy. Our sensory energy is an integrated design that is found within our physical energy and which is motivated through our Spirit Consciousness. Our Spirit Sensory Energy is a Dual Design in the same manner as our human design. We were given our Spirit Sensory Energy to help us understand ourselves as male and female human beings. It was imperative that we learn to understand ourselves, everyone around us, Earth, nature, and the challenges of our physical lives if it was our intention to grow, change, and evolve as a human species. As human beings, we are still struggling to understand ourselves in relationship to each other, Earth, and the Universal System. It is our Sensory Energy that explains all of our human life to us. Once we begin to understand the essence of our human life, we begin to understand ourselves, which is really the secret of life.

Now we have a sick and befuddled society that is struggling to understand itself and how to live a healthy and productive life. Despite our challenges, we continue to be ignorant of what is making us sick to death. It truly is not a deep and mysterious challenge that we face. As we learn to know thyself, we begin to understand that we are one with the Universe, Earth, and Nature. We are energy and we are matter. We have made a scientific effort to destroy the validity of these three supporting features of our physical life, which has presented us with our present-day challenges through Nature, Earth, and the Universe. We are always challenged to see ourselves as the culprits in destroying our own health and happiness.

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