Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Changing our Consciousness

As I sat down to write today the subject matter that popped into my thinking mind was how we think. Sometimes I have to cap my thoughts because I have so much information that pours in all at once that I can be overwhelmed and challenged to get all of my thoughts on paper. Our thoughts are meant to be encouraging us to think about who we are, where we have been, where we want to go, how can we get there from here, and most of all we must always remember to think of ourselves and other people with the purity of love. We are born as a Dual Soul for the purpose of learning. If we do not consciously attempt to learn every day of our life, we should. Nothing is better for the human brain than to think new thoughts and seed more new thoughts.

Our one life belief is always a challenge for our brain. If we truly believe that we live only one life, there would be no purpose to life. Each life that we live is precisely given to us as an energy form as a means of learning. We should never think that some mistake was made when we were born in human form. The creator is smarter than we are and does not make mistakes. We have many lessons to learn in each life. Sometimes as I teach that our life is ours to learn, grow, and change ourselves, every day of our human life, I hear people answer me as though life "was done to them" not "created by them." If any mistakes were made, the "mistake" was the intention of our own Spirit Consciousness that is attempting to teach us something that we may not want to learn as a Dual Soul.

We are always born "perfect" for the lessons that we need to learn as a Dual Soul Consciousness. When we think that something is wrong with who we are, we must think further into our own conscious awareness to obliterate the thought of imperfection and focus our thinking mind on the internal love that fills the vessel of our heart. We are always born perfect for the lessons that we need to learn as a Dual Soul Consciousness. Seeing the perfection of who we are gives us the impetus to learn, grow, and change as a human being that is living their changing circumstances of life. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that "this too will pass" and love what and who we are now at this precise moment of life. All circumstances can be changed as we learn and grow within ourselves. We are always ahead of the game when we appreciate who we are, what we can learn, and we keep our mind and heart open to learning. Changing how we think helps us to see the true perfection of what we are leanring and growing within ourselves as human beings.

Very few people understand that we are an expanding Spirit Consciousness that is always focused on learning the perfect lesson for the Dual Soul Consciousness, which is always our Joy of Health. In 1989 I wrote a book which I titled Joy of Health, and now it is out in its 2nd Edition. Health to me as an R.N. is essential if we want to live Joy in our lives. Health comes first from how we think, which controls what we eat, drink, and breathe. When we are chemically healthy inside of our human body, we are happier, and more satisfied with life than we will ever be as sick, unhappy, and dissatisfied human beings.

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