Thursday, November 04, 2010

What is a Philosopher?

As I listen to the news and to people talk about their life, I constantly realize the knowledge people have been missing by not being taught Philosophy from their early life.  In my introduction to The Journey Home, my eighth book, I wrote about what it means to be a philosopher:

I am a metaphysical philosopher who lives and breathes with an understanding of who we are, why we are here, ad how everything in life relates to everything on earth and within the universe. A philosopher is literally a lover of wisdom. From a soul and spirit perspective, our purpose as humans is to seek the wisdom and love of our Divine Nature, which means that each of us is a natural philosopher. Metaphysics is the first division of philosophy because it was our first concept of philosophy as we devoted our search within the invisible world to help us remember the soul and spirit within ourselves. Our original search was to understand the invisible soul and spirit within us as the fractal pattern from which we created the design of our physical body. Internally we knew that we had created ourselves from an invisible trinity of consciousness energy. As we spent time on earth the consciousness of our soul and spirit began to fade, which inspired us to seek the knowledge to understand why.

A philosopher seeks the wisdom to understand creation as one unit of consciousness that works together in harmony such as man, nature, earth, and the universe. The metaphysical philosopher seeks the wisdom of the "one" creation of the invisible soul and spirit integrated into the visible matter of our body, nature, earth, and the universe. When we study the scientific disciplines with the perception of "one universal creation" versus "one physical life," our conclusions are different. We can see the duality of opposites, the fractal pattern of life, evolution, harmony, beauty, truth, equality, and we can see the love, balance, and integrity with which we were created.

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