Monday, April 26, 2010

Truth - Never Live Behaviors that we Are Afraid to Own as Our Personal Creation

We create most of the situations in our physical life that make us sick and we can also create the situations that can make us well. Once we accept total responsibility for who we are, we can become conscious of the negative and positive energies that affect our health and our happiness. Truth is a very important Ethical Value and when we find ourselves lying and sneaking around to hide our true image from our family and friends, we need to stop and ask ourselves who we think that we are fooling. We are literally attempting to hide our loving self from our fearful self. When we are lying or sneaking around with our negative behaviors we are living from our fearful self. Of course this type of behavior is a joke as we never see the truth of ourselves when we are afraid to be totally open and up-front about our thinking mind and our physical behaviors. The secret is never to live behaviors that we are ashamed to “own” as our own personal creation.

When we do choose to live behaviors that we are afraid to own, we are living a lie within our own Soul mind and emotions and our Spirit Consciousness. We will be more dramatically affected by our internal lie than anyone else that knows us because we are harboring the negative energy within our own thinking mind, loving emotions, Spirit Senses, and our physical body at the same time that we are denying our lie. As we live these conflicting energies, we are pulling our thinking mind in opposite directions, which is teaching confusion to our internal mind as it vacillates back and forth between its love and fear, while at the same time knowing that it is not living love and truth.

Living a dual role in our physical lives always has a strong tendency to divide our Soul Mind and this division keeps us from knowing who we are. This gyration many times interferes with our thinking mind knowing who it is and it can lead us into dual roles and dual beliefs in our physical life. A man or woman who attempts to live the same degree of love with two or more women/men can create such an internal chemical confusion that cancer may occur, or some other disease, as a way of leaving this life to create a new life that is more focused. Another interesting energy field is someone that is intensely jealous of someone else and they belabor it into a breakdown of their own cellular structure. If this person has other negative beliefs to support this negative belief of jealousy, such as anger, fear, lying, or self-centeredness, then the disease potential rises accordingly.

Being happy and at peace with one’s self is essential if we want to be healthy and live a long life. We do not have to please other people, but we must be at peace with ourselves on an internal basis to keep ourselves healthy. If we are living a life of lying, fear, or anger, we will not and cannot be at peace internally with ourselves, which becomes our method of creating disease, both emotional and physical. Jealousy is a very negative, conflicting, and restrictive emotion that is frequent in our present-day society. Every time that I see someone that is living jealousy as well as inequality, fear, anger and various and sundry other fear emotions, I can only have sympathy for them in their present state of mind focus. They know not what they do to their own energy focus, which can easily make them sick unto death, as well as focusing their negative emotional energy into other people around them, which can make other people sick.

If we cannot live our love, truth, and equality it is time for us to look at ourselves and define our internal thinking and emotional problems. Do we feel that we are better than other people? Do we feel less capable than other people? Do we feel like we must copy other people as our method of attempting to be equal with other people? Copying does not create equality. But it does show that we cannot use our own personal mind to express our personal thoughts, emotions, and senses. When we find ourselves copying another person it is time for us to do some intense inner explorations to help ourselves discover why we cannot think and grow within our own personal energy. Either focus tells us something serious about ourselves, which is very important for us to know and understand.

Many times people who have been studying Spiritual Philosophy will feel they are superior to other people. This does not mean that such a person is at all superior to another person, but it does mean that the ego is yelling loud and clear, which helps us to understand that their learning has been sadly limited. These individuals will talk a good story, they will copy mine or other people’s material in an attempt to create the image they want to create of themselves, they will talk to other people from the energy of their ego, they will consciously choose to attempt to influence other people in seeing them in a “Spiritual” or “teaching” image.

All in all people have egos which can and will get out of control, if they think about themselves in a different image, such as teaching Spiritual Philosophy. We have to learn Spiritual Philosophy from the humility of a Philosopher’s mind. The ego is in no way a part of a true Philosopher’s thinking mind. This is why philosophy cannot be copied. No one else can copy the wisdom of an internal and eternal energy of the mind. But when anyone attempts to copy something that has been written by a philosophical mind, the information does not translate with the proper energy field, which allows all copying to fall flat on another person’s ears.

This old saying goes back to the very early years of our human development and it explains our behavior, thinking, and emotions very easily if we open our thinking mind to the patterns. These are patterns of the Ethical Values that we are attempting to learn as a human species. These are a major part of the behavioral patterns that clearly show us that we have not yet evolved our Dual Soul into living our love, truth, and perfection as the first level of our loving emotional energy as a thinking mind. Once we realize that we are stuck in fear we must stop and ask ourselves “why?” Are we afraid to change? When we are “stuck in fear” it controls our thinking mind, loving emotions, our Spirit Senses, and our physical behaviors. Usually we are stuck in fear because we have not yet learned the truth, love, and equality of ourselves as part of our design as a Spirit Energy, therefore we cannot think beyond our fear. Love, truth, and equality are a major part of the entire group of Ethical Values that we are attempting to learn as a human species.

As we begin to live the Ethical Values, we begin to change. If we do not know what the Ethical Values are, chances are we will not know how to change, even though we may have an internal feeling that we need to change. Because of our need to grow into the Ethical Values, we begin our change by learning to live our love first (family interaction), our truth second (which is how we build our family and our other relationships in life), and it is through our living our love and our truth as we learn our family and our friend interaction that we learn to create equality as our third level of growth. If we never learn our love, truth, and equality, we will never be able to live these emotions in our adult life, which means we will live without true friends, because we cannot be a true friend. Being a true friend will assure us of a wealth of true friends.


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