Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Living our destructive energy.

Fear is our most intense destructive energy.  When we think about fear we may think that our fear exists only about our eternal life and not the internal life that we are living.  The average human being today lives with some element of fear whether or not they recognize that fear.  Most of all, we have a fear of disease and death. Our fear of relationships is a very dramatic fear, which we do not usually fully recognize or accept.  Many people have a fear of being alone.  If we have a fear of relationships and a fear of being alone existing within our thinking mind at the same time, we will find ourselves mired in confusion which can be the basis of depression, psychosis, paranoia, and many eating disorders.

It is very important that we know who we are.  Very few of us understand ourselves as energy beings that live multiple physical lives as we gradually learn our eternal lessons of life.  This is why each and everyone of us should stop and silently ask ourselves, "who am I?"  We are never the true image of another person, whether that person is our spouse, a parent, a friend, or simply someone that we admire such as a "movie star."  Even movie stars have their mental and emotional challenges in life, just exactly as all humans do as they grow and change through their multiple physical lives.

Our most intense problem is that we do not recognize or accept ourselves as an eternal energy being that is living in different physical lives as a means of growth and change.  Once scientists get over their "one life belief" we will be capable of tracking our multiple lives to scientifically know who we were in a past life.  If we choose not to track our lives through science, we can remember our past lives and look very carefully at each and every one of them to see what we have learned and what we have to learn in our new lives.  If we are not afraid to think about ourselves as eternal beings, we will recognize how our lessons jump up in front of our face to show us who we are in each and every life that we live.  In addition to our physical energy, we have a Dual Soul and Spirit Energy that will frequently remind us of what we must learn and why we must learn it.  Our energy never dies but it does change its energetic and physical form. But if we see ourselves as strictly physical beings that live only one physical life to experience death, then we cannot become conscious of what we are learning every day that we live as a human being.

As a nurse that has worked for 50 years of my life, I clearly understand that we are energy people as well as physical people.  As a nurse that has been involved in codes and death in my job, I have seen the Spirit Energy of many people rise above their dead body and move like a rocket energy as the Soul and Spirit leaves for a new home in a new body.  Many times these energies have talked to me, telling me their goals in their new physical lives.  This is why I have such a strong belief in eternal life.  As energy beings we live eternal lives in which we create a new physical body for each new life.  We are energy beings first, that must always in every life support our energy with the water, air, and foods of Nature.  If we do not support our human physical body with Nature's air, foods, and water we cannot support our evolving mind, emotions, and senses with their evolving energy, which is the core reason of all disease in the human body. 

Our Spirit Energy puts on a new "outfit of garments" as a new body and goes forth to begin a new level of learning at our time of death.  This is the definition of us as eternal human beings.  When we are living with a belief in living only one life, we are living a destructive energy that takes the support of our past life energy away from us in our evolving energy, which means that we must start all over again in our next lifetime, including learning the power of healthy eating, breathing Nature's pure air, and drinking pure water.  This is the secret of health as our energy source.   

Once we begin to accept ourselves as energy beings, which is how we live our physical lives, we begin to feel differently about who we are, the multiple lives that we must live to grow and change into Spiritual Beings while living on Earth, and we see the beauty of our human design.  Our disease potential as human beings has become overwhelming and the sooner that we learn the truth of ourselves as energy beings first, the longer we will choose to live as physical beings and consciously support our Dual Soul growth.  Our Nervous System is the essence of our eternal design as an energy being and once we understand our Nervous System we will be capable of healing all diseases.  I have always understood the energy of us and our Nervous System, which is why I can heal diseases that the medical profession cannot heal.  We are at all times energy beings living in physical matter, which is an important issue for us to understand, if we want to be healthy and live a long physical life.

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