Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Truth and Our Dual Soul

Truth is a very important Ethical Value that affects our personal ability to live any and all of the other Ethical Values in our daily lives. If we do not live truth in our physical lives, we are basically living from our fear energy, which interferes with our growth and change, and it becomes a vicious cycle that leads us into all forms of lying, stealing, and cheating, particularly in the health of our physical body and energy mind. When we look at the Ethical Values, we can easily see that love, truth, and equality are the three major ethical values and as such are the first three ethical values that we must learn to live. If we are living our love, then living our truth and equality becomes an easy and simple way of living our life to help us expand our thinking mind into our loving emotional energy. If we are not living our love, we cannot be living our truth or our equality as a way of life, which essentially means that we are living fear as our energy of life.

Once we are living the trinity of love, truth, and equality our life can and will take on a different energy, which means we will begin to live a different energy in each and every aspect of our daily physical life. If we are not living our love, then we simply cannot learn the lessons of truth and equality without a dramatic change in our energy patterns. These three ethical values are closely related to each other and therefore dependent one upon the other, which always acts to reflect the energy that we are living into our physical life. This helps us to understand why love has been the most revered emotion of the human species, and it also shows us the reality that to understand our internal energy as a human species we must truly live our love, which is not sex. If we truly lived our love there would be no copying, cheating, stealing, or war at any level of our physical reality for us to worry about. Any negative behaviors or negative emotions are a form of internal war within us, which we will then reflect into every aspect of our human reality.

If we do not live our truth at all times, we do not have a consciousness of our Spirit Energy, which is the motivating force for our conscious thinking mind and loving emotions at all times in our physical life. This helps us to understand that when we do not live our love, truth, and equality, we are not creating the level of our physical life that we might think that we are creating. In effect, we are the last people to identify ourselves as being dishonest, fearful, and unequal, because seeing the truth of ourselves when we are not living our love, truth, and equality is literally next to impossible, because we are lying to ourselves as we live our fear, untruth, and inequality. This is why it is so important for us to “know thyself” before we attempt to learn Spiritual Philosophy, which means that we must be living our love and our truth as the first two of the Ethical Values and we must be internally inspired to change how we think, act, and feel in relationship to truth, if we have the intention of being a Spiritual Being living a Spiritual Life. We must live the Ethical Values to be Spiritual Human Beings.

As we look at the world today, most people would instantly say that they are living truth. There is a big difference between the truth within our thinking mind and the truth of our human behavior that is being reflected from our Dual Soul growth. As human beings we are designed from a pure Nature, which means that our air, foods, and water are designed to be pure, and it is us that contaminates them to make ourselves sick. Do you breathe only fresh air, eat only organic foods, and drink only pure spring water or well water? If you do none of these exercises, you are risking your health and your life, because you are designed as a human product of a pure Earth and we are not living the truth of our human design. Nature is our eternal truth as a human being. Cancer and other diseases are the decay of our human cellular body and its normal cellular function. Once we understand that our air, foods, and water are frequently the source of our internal diseases, we can begin to understand that we are not “force fed” and that we have the freedom of choice about how we live, what we think, what we do, and the health of our human body.

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