Sunday, April 04, 2010

Our Journey to Love

All of my life I have talked to people who have and are living with the belief that "sex is love."  Sex is a physical act and love is an emotion, which makes them two separate energy fields.  It is always wonderfual if our sex elicits our love, but many times it does not, therefore many people live their entire lives without "feeling" the emotions of love, which means they might search for love in all of the wrong places.  Generally speaking we can live with an absolute unawareness of the emotions of love.  Love is an eternal design of our human energy as an accummulation of the energies of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses, which makes up our one true energy design as the structure of our Dual Soul Energy and Spirit Consciousness Energy as our Spirit Energy.

Love as one of the structures of our Dual Soul Energy is always a part of our human design, but it must be learned as an emotion by our thinking mind before we can live the energy of love in our everyday life.  When we are born without the conscious awareness of our energy of love, we will have an intense focus on physical sex as the soul seeks to learn the emotions that are part of our human design of love.  Once we can accept that sex is not the true emotion of love, we begin to slowly open our thinking mind to an understanding of our loving emotions as an equal partner in our Dual Soul Energy as the thinking mind and loving emotions, which expands our eternal feelings of love.

Our thinking mind and loving emotions must and do exist without the necessity of "physical sex."  Physical sex adds to the sharing of our physical lives, but it is primarily designed as a method of procreation of new life for adults.  Once we can understand that sex is only one method of expanding our loving emotions, we begin to look at the rest of our physical lives to see how we add to the design of our loving emotions.  Education has added greatly to expanding this internal balance.  We can be highly emotional and productive people and have no sex as part of our physical lives.  It is fairly common to channel our physical energies into thinking rather than sex, which is probably the easiest way to understand ourselves.  Sex is our design of procreation as a physical method of sustaining our eternal life, which should be abstained from as an activity in our youth, because to parent children we must live our personal responsibility, which we will not yet have grown into as a mind and emotions. 

Thinking is our internal design of understanding self, Nature, and the Universe as we sustain our eternal life through our external sexual design.  When we have the belief that one is better than the other, or that sex and thinking are not related, we are truly living the confusion of our thinking mind and our "one life" belief.  The human body is balanced as an organ energy, and it is balanced as thinking and emotions.  It is our lack of internal balance that enhances our crime factor as human beings.  Once we learn to understand the emotions of love, we can move forward with understanding ourselves, the world that we live in, and the eternal energy of time that we have created for ourselves.  As we live our physical lives and we interact in our multiple relationships, we grow as a Dual Soul and we expand ourselves into our Spirit Consciousness as a human mind. 

Our Dual Soul is designed as a thinking mind and loving emotions, which helps us understand the pattern of our internal evolution.  This helps us to understand how we grow as we live the energy of our physical, emotional, and intellectual lives.  If we compare ourselves to science and how we create our ability to understand anything in science, we can see that we grow individually just as any field of knowledge grows within its scientific experiments.  If we refuse to grow and change, then we are limiting our future "fields of energy" that makes us human. 

We have been designed with specific "fields of Soul and Spirit Energy" to enhance and to guide our physical, emotional, intellectual, and sensory growth.  These fields of eternal energy were named the Ethical Values thousands of years ago as man began to look at himself and attempt to understand "who he was" in relationship to Nature, Earth, and the Universe.  When we can only see ourselves as physical beings, we do not recognize the true beauty of our physical human energy design that is consciously and unconsciously living and growing within its own eternal energy design.  We are always living as thinking energy beings first, emotional beings second, sensory beings third, and physical beings fourth.  As energy beings we never die, but we do change the energy form of our physical design as we learn and grow.  The understanding of ourselves is always governed by how we use our thinking mind in either an external or internal concept of self, life, and growth.

Our Soul and Spirit energies are eternal, our physical body is finite as matter, but it is eternal as a memory of our Soul and Spirit Energy design.

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