Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Are Capable of Many Endless Levels of Love

Once we recognize that our love is a very important emotion, we begin to realize that the family structure has a very real and true purpose by exposing us to the opportunity to love in our family relationships without a sense of rejection, which is totally unrelated to sexual love. As we learn the concept of emotional love in our family relationships, we begin to see that we are capable of many endless levels of love, which have no relationship to sex. We love our family, our life, our country, our freedom and if we are fortunate we will find a romantic love interest to live as we grow and change as a human being. True love is based in love, truth, and equality, which many people are challenged to live as a collective energy, but if we cannot live truth and equality, we cannot live our love. Once this is understood we can begin very dramatic internal changes that will change our entire life. Because our love is eternally connected to truth and equality as the basis of love, we cannot separate love from our truth and equality, and it is this factor that allows us to love ourselves, our family, our friends, and most people that we know because we accept others as equal to ourselves and as true friends, which opens our heart to love. True friends always live the truth of their love and equality in their relationship.

This helps us to see that we live an emotionally handicapped life if we do not learn how to live our love and truth towards ourselves, and towards our family, which sets the stage in our emotional, mental, and sensory energy to allow us to grow into productive and happy human beings. In our world today we live as an intense number of emotionally handicapped human beings. The more we live without love, the more intense our fear becomes and the more warped our emotions become. Once we understand the design of our internal emotional structure of learning love, we can open our thinking mind to allow acknowledgment of our loving emotions. Love is not synonymous with sex. Love is an emotion and sex is a physical act. Many times sex is used to replace the emotions of love, which will never stand the test of time.

We can see how we are reaping the results of not being able to emotionally love ourselves and other people simply by looking at the mental agony and the divorce rate in our world today. Love, as an emotion, is our most important lesson of this stage of our human development and growth, which will do wonders to stop all forms of war, between individuals, the market place, the world, and within the mind of each and every human being. Love is the core issue in learning The Joy of Health. Health is not just the physical health of our cells, it is also the health of our mental and emotional energy as well as our sensory self, which are dramatically affected by what we eat, drink, and breathe as well as the thoughts that we constantly entertain within our thinking mind.

We can never separate these three energy focuses and be living in health. If we are not living in the balanced energy of health throughout our human physical body, we cannot be happy and productive as human beings, because we will be living in “self-judgment” as our self-abuse, which dramatically changes the “truth” of our Dual Soul Energy. When we live in self-judgment, we sincerely believe that everyone else is judging us, which sinks us deeper and deeper into our fear, anger, resentment, and self-judgment. Judgment is the epitome of fear that is out of control and it is the antithesis of health. Changing how we think about us is the only cure to our negative emotional self. Change is our personal responsibility.

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