Monday, April 19, 2010

The Gift of Healing, Health, and our Ethical Values

I have spent most of my life as an RN with the exception of the first 18 years, when I was studying at my own pace and at different levels.  I have always studied the human body but I have also studied the human mind, emotions, and senses.  These are the most important parts of us as human beings because they are the source of our energy, and they make up a large portion of our energy fields that allow us to live in and use our physical body.  One of the gifts that I have been given is seeing and speaking to the energy of our human body.  I do believe that my "gift of energy" came from my intense illness with rheumatic fever as an infant and young child, and that continued as part of my life after my illness subsided after the age of 16.  Being conscious of energy is really not a big deal, but it has helped me dramatically in my physical life and it is this internal energy that has given me the gift of healing.  It is from this internal energy that I am guided to write my books and to teach my classes.  Being in touch with our own internal energy is something that each and every one of us will eventually grow into.  Many people are in touch with different levels of energy.  We are physical beings, which means that we live from our physical energy first.  We are also sensory beings, which supports us with our physical energy.  Internally we are a Dual Soul and Spirit Energy that functions and expands from the multiple senses that are designed as a function of our human body.  Living with a consciousness of our energy foundation is a wonderful situation, which helps me to do things at times that other people cannot do.  It is this gift of energy that lives within our human body that has allowed me to help other people heal their "energy" that is out of balance.  As a nurse, I was taught many things, but I was not taught energy healing in nursing school.  We focused strictly on the physical reality, which is also essential.  Many people today are dying of many diseases that are truly "sinful" from the standpoint of medicine, and it is their lack of understanding energy.  During my years in nursing school, I was shocked by this, but during my earlier years of disease I was more shocked.  Today as I work with patients doing energy healing, I am more than pleased to see how quickly people heal and get on with their lives.  Healing to me is a primary Ethical Value and it always feels very good to see a person live when they have been told that they are facing death in a matter of months.  More later.   Kathy 

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