Thursday, April 22, 2010

Health is our truth

Health is our truth. When I was a child, I never heard the word cancer. I’m sure there must have been some someplace but I knew of none in the farm community in which I lived while I was growing up as a child. We grew our own “organic” foods, our own nut trees, our own berry bushes, fruit trees, we had our own chickens, pigs, cows, and horses, and we breathed plenty of fresh air as we worked and played. As I look back at my life, I can truly see how perfectly ideal and healthy it was. I guess I never thought about it much as a child because I was very happy and excited about life as I was growing up on our familiar land, reading copiously, and being loved by my large and extended family. I always had my goal of being a “Nurse” that I was consciously working towards, so in my mind I knew where I was going, how to get there, and why I wanted to go there.

I lived in a house of love, truth, and equality which was very exciting to me, because these were our ground rules in our interaction and behavior. Even in my very early childhood I recognized that the love within our family was creating a happy and balanced life for all of us. Because I had severe rheumatic fever as a very young child and into my sixteenth year, I learned that the more I exercised the less pain I had, so I literally pushed myself into movement to keep stride with my older sister as we worked on the farm. I remember being told that I should not be forcing myself to do farm chores because of my “sick” heart, which is normal with severe rheumatic fever, but I could not sit in a chair unless I could literally not move my body out of the chair. The more I worked, the better I felt except for the “flare-ups,” which created their own crises in my life and made me sit in the chair longer than I wanted, but I learned to read early in my life which helped me to pass the time when my pain was severe. I always refused to focus on the pain, therefore physical activity and reading became my way of coping with pain.

My father brought me a new box of books every Friday from our local library and if I was physically inactive, I was very intellectually active as I devoured every book. When I was just eleven or twelve I remember reading “Gone With the Wind” three times before I would give it up to go back to the library. All of my reading made me a very fast reader even before I became a teenager and my love of reading serves me to this day in my life. Today I can write just about as fast as I could read as a child, which has been an absolute gift in my life, although I must admit that I have probably slowed down a few degrees in my present time of life. Because I knew by the time I was two years old that it was my intention to be a nurse, I had a reading style that did not include fairy tales or romances and that style has stayed with me until this moment in my life.

When I was in my early teens I began to think about the nursing school that I wanted to attend. Every nursing school of my day seemed to be run by some religious organization. I was not religious and I could never imagine myself as being religious because I had already fallen in love with philosophy. Religion did not bother me, but I did find it curious at the time, when I became conscious of the intense hold that religion had on people’s minds. Later I began to see how it all worked when I truly realized that nursing schools provided much of the labor in hospitals and that religion has always wanted to “care for the sick and disabled.”. Many hospitals were at that time connected to some religious organization and as I became entrenched in learning to be a registered nurse I began to see the reason that all of these relationships had evolved. I still find wisdom in the relationship even though many nursing schools are no longer organized in this manner. I do treasure the education that I had at the hands of the Daughters of Charity, because it was very intellectual, organized, and supportive which all student nurses need to feel as they experience this dramatic change in their lives.

After I graduated from nursing school, I moved to Washington, D.C. and within a year I moved to Arlington, VA. and commuted the few miles. I have always been interested in research. I thought that if we were intending to find new drugs, new ways to do old things, and to help heal the sick, we needed to think outside of the box, therefore in all of my days in nursing this was and is my primary goal, how can we do “it” better and allow everyone to live a healthy life? To this day as I write this I continue to live with this goal, which is why I now look at disease with a focus on prevention. We are energy beings first and we are matter second. I can easily heal most energy diseases, simply because I understand energy and I can heal many other diseases simply because of my knowledge and relationship with our nervous system and the way that disease works in our body.

We have not been taught how to use our energy wisely, how to stay healthy, or how to expand our energy into healing energy. It is our “energy” that we make “sick” that gives us disease. We do not have to be sick as human beings once we can truly understand that as humans we are both energy and matter as a living human being. As a young nurse and after I left DC General Hospital, I went to work in Washington, D.C. for Wallace Yater, M.D. who I dearly loved and who unknowingly to him helped me to see the absolute truth of energy in healing. I watched Wallace Yater heal people by his very presence, which many people did not understand, but they did not understand how other people revered his energy. We must learn how to live in harmony with our energy and the energy of Nature to keep ourselves well as energy beings. Years ago when we were living more fully in Nature, we didn’t know much about ourselves and therefore many people did not maintain their health and their happiness in the same way that we must do today, because they were ignorant of the energy relationship between themselves and their surrounding energy, and the air, foods, and water that gave us our energy.

As our supporting energies reached out to develop interactive energy, we have learned and we have grown. Once we understand that we are energy beings, we will clearly understand that our energy diseases can be healed in the same way that cancer can be healed, which is totally an energy disease. The secret to our energy and matter is learning to live in harmony and balance. Once we can fully grasp that we are energy and we are matter, we begin to realize that both our energy and our matter are controlled by our thinking mind. Today as our cities build up around us and we are constantly exposed to pollution, it becomes more and more important that we learn the truth of love and health, because we are totally responsible for our own health and happiness. No one else walks in our shoes.

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