Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Personal Search for the True Self

Being religious and being Spiritual are not the same thing. Religion by history has been a means of controlling the mind, Spirit and body of man. Spiritualism is a movement to understand the self and free the body, mind and Spirit into an awareness of its own energy form. Earth has never had a religion or culture that has not controlled man in some degree, in some way. Spiritualism gives the control to the self through God. Spiritualism is a movement of Love created from within the Spirit world. Spiritualism is based on the ancient knowledge that was shared by ancient Philosophers and in living the Ethical Values to support a better human and a better Earth.

Sometimes in today's Spiritual movement it is hard to get people to gather together. That is because Spiritualism is not a method of control. It is an internal process of learning the history of ourselves as human beings. You do not have to gather together for your energy to connect, but gathering together creates an advanced pull on all energy. It is the energy on the planet that will spread the understanding. It is a personal search for the true self. It is not a search for a leader. Indeed, following any leader other than God can be very detrimental to the Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Attempting to follow Spiritual guidance, when you deny personal responsibility, will not be effective. For those who believe, it will require a commitment to change. Change is the miracle of the energy of man.

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Nick said...

I think that besides Spiritualism being an internal process, it also has a lot to do with faith and believing. I find that far too often in today's society, people don't realize this internal faith and focus on the tangible. They don't put stock in Spiritualism but in wallets. While I think chiefly this is an individual thing, I also think it is a societal trend as well. Maybe you would be interested in reading my thoughts on this idea at