Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Look At Earth Today

Look upon Earth today. Know that as we have evolved as human consciousness we have chosen our temples in plants, in trees, in microbes, in animals and finally in human form. This human form had to evolve. It had to evolve in the same way the Earth has evolved. It did not - it could not - occur instantly, because we have created who we are. We have experimented with this lesson as we have lived, as we have evolved, as we have transitioned through our own growth, our own evolution and through the evolution of Earth.

We have not yet grown, evolved to where we can accept all of our mind as thought, to know that we have an intellect. But to know that we have a mind of Soul, a mind of Spirit is another step in our evolution. Now, as this shift of consciousness is in progress, the human being, the consciousness of man, is looking at self to see the influence that we create within the energy of Earth, to see the influence that we have within our own growth, our own evolution, our own transition.

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