Monday, January 28, 2013

Starting from Birth is the Ideal Time and Place

Building of the body begins at conception. This first period of Earth existence for us is laying the foundation for the remainder of our physical lives. We are placing our building blocks. We will use these building blocks in the continued growth of our body, mind, and Spirit. There is no other way. We start creating our reality the moment we are born. The Soul that enters as an infant is aware of the lessons of its life. The understanding of these lessons starts to dissolve gradually as the belief system is being structured. The older the child becomes the more clouded its choice of lessons will become. We must learn to consciously keep the channels open to the infant Soul memories. Our world is becoming better at this.

An infant will be in constant communication with the Universal Consciousness. Communication is a reality through infancy but starts to fade during the years from four to seven. Parents should encourage the child to stay open to the Spirit communication of his or her world. This communication needs to be understood and supported. Communication with the Souls of friends and loved ones does not mean that the child needs to see a psychiatrist. The child must be supported in understanding the normal Spirit communication that he or she is capable of living on Earth as a direct reflection from his/her past human lives. Open-mindedness is a trait to be cherished and consciously preserved. Starting from birth is the ideal time and place. Picking up these lessons in mid-life becomes a challenge within itself. Releasing a firmly planted belief system is the challenge to understanding life in the adult mind. Cherish our infants, love them, communicate with them and allow them the freedom of expression. This does not mean that the adults must be controlled by the child. A disciplined structure should be provided in which they can feel safe in being their own imaginative selves. Discipline and structure are truly manifestations of love. We should all love our children, and guide them into a loving adult life.

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