Friday, January 04, 2013

The Journey Home

As we become aware of ourselves, other people, nature, earth, and the universe, we expand our conscious awareness of the relationship that exists between all of us as living beings that are evolving. We release our subconscious fears and begin to love our life and ourselves as we expand our consciousness of our internal wisdom, truth, love, and equality.

In traditional medicine, technology now allows physicians to "photograph" radiologically the body and the brain into extremely thin slices to detect disease as well as the function of the human body. Our consciousness also exists in extremely thin levels of electromagnetic energy that are just beginning to be detected but are not yet understood by science. Science can now find people who use their left brain and others who use both the left and right brain to a degree. For many years we have been living the transition from our left brain to our right brain, and as the technology of science expands, our understanding will expand and we will soon be able to validate the transition that we are experiencing. We could be understood now if the perception of the scientific mind understood the invisible soul and spirit consciousness.

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