Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sand, Rock, and Subterfuge

Our Dual Soul will never pretend to be something that it is not.  Our thinking egotistical mind will always attempt to create a version of self that it thinks will be more acceptable to what it wants to do and to its friends.  This is the story of sand versus rock, which we have experienced since the beginning of time as human beings.  Anytime that our ego is involved with our thinking mind we are working in quicksand.  Quicksand is always dangerous because it is totally unstable and the thinking mind does not realize that it is in severe danger.  This allows our ego to go where our Spirit would never tread, and the Dual Soul becomes patterned by and in its own carnage, which can mean death to the Dual Soul growth and change.

We have a world community that is entirely adept at subterfuge from every level of society and government.  We will never create subterfuge with anyone or within any situation unless that is the level of the Dual Soul that our thinking mind is living.  When we lie, our Dual Soul feels like it is in quicksand and it may make additional mistakes as it attempts to retrieve its balance and save face with others in its circle.  We see this mirage happening at all levels of the world right now and there does not appear to be any relief in sight.  When we do not telepathically sense the truth and live our truth, we live a lie.  When we telepathically sense any energy within ourselves, other people, our lives, our country, and within nations, we can see that we are living an enormous sense of imbalance all over the world, which always begins within the minds of a human that is addicted to the external focus of the mind and on being saved.  We are absolutely one hundred percent responsible for saving ourselves.  No one else can save us but us because we must make the enormous changes in how our thinking mind is thinking.   

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