Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love and the Ethical Values

Love is a small and simple word as it is written, with four little letters from our ancient alphabet, but love is the most intense, amplified, and energetic word in the dictionary, when we live our love. How do we live our love within and without of ourselves? How do we love other people, life, learning, growth, change, and on and on into infinity? I have been teaching you to love by teaching you many other concepts of life, that we live through the energy of love. The more we understand ourselves, other people, life, and the Universe, the more comfortable we will feel in living our life. As we learn to live our love, we change the energy of who we are and we will feel the love from other people as they interact with us. Once we learn the Ethical Values, we learn how love fits into the physical, energetic, and emotional patterns of our life, our relationships, and our learning. Love is not something that we can "act out" in our life and "feel" as our truth if we have not yet learned love.

Learning is the most important general concept of love, because when we learn and change our behavior from the negative energy to the positive energy of love, we begin to see ourselves differently and we live our lives differently, because we can at last understand how love fits into our image of self, our image of other people, of life, of relationships, which helps us learn very quickly that "love" is an energetic and magnetic word that is telling us how to live, how to grow, and how to change. When we learn the energy of love, we no longer have to lie, cheat, and steal as a way of life, because we know how to create our own personal reality by living our love. If we cannot understand love, we must ask ourselves "why?" If we do not understand love, then we are not living love, and when we cannot live our love, we cannot be a Spiritual Being. Love is an internal emotion of our Spirit Consciousness. If we are not living through our Spirit Consciousness, then we will be living through our fear consciousness, which gives us permission within our own thinking mind to lie, cheat, and steal as our normal way of life. Lying, cheating, and stealing are normal behaviors for us when we are not consciously living our love. Love is the energy "entirety" of our Ethical Values that we live each and every moment of our lives when we have advanced into living our Ethical Values. There is no substitute for love. If we find ourselves living in an exaggerated state of energy, we can easily be living in a warped mind that has come to believe itself to be more than it is, which is not and cannot reflect our love or our truth. We must live our love, our truth, and our equality to become a Spiritual Being. Our love, truth, and equality are the primary Spiritual Values of us as human beings. If we are not living our love, truth, and equality, then we are not yet living our Spiritual Virtues as a human being, which means that we have not learned the Ethical Values that are essential to our growth as an energy form.

Love is the very basis of the energy of our Ethical Values. If we do not understand the energy of love, know how to live our love, know how to share our love, then we will lie, cheat, and steal as our external image of love. As I have been teaching you the Ethical Values, we have focused on love as a primary Ethical Value. Therefore this makes it easy to see that in all of the years that I have been teaching you, I have been teaching you to love yourselves, love other people, love life, love learning, love change, love your growth, and to love all human beings.

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