Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Changing our Definition of Disease, its Cause, and its Cure

In all aspects of our lives, chemicals have been creating a perpetual state of internal and external imbalance. The physical cause of all diseases is a chemical imbalance. It is normal for our left brain thinking to make us victims of external organisms. If our internal chemicals were not out of balance, we would remain the highest living organism on earth and not feel threatened by other organisms. The reality of our physical life is so overwhelmed with chemical contaminants that we cannot escape from unwanted chemical exposure. The air that we breathe, the foods that we eat, and the water that we drink are all polluted with unhealthy chemicals to create an imbalance within our body. We have created disease because of our external, negative, fearful thinking. Because we have not understood our creation, we have innocently sabotaged who we are and our art of creation with chemicals that destroy our balance. Now we can change if we can unlearn our addictive beliefs.

Our scientific attachment to external cause, detection, and treatment continues to focus our intellect, money, and time on various issues such as blame, judgment, and fear which expands disease dramatically. Disease occurs because our veil or cosmic shell acts as a shield around our intellect, which resists our soul and spirit consciousness misdirects our thinking. Attempting to cure diseases by adding another toxic chemical to our body is distorted thinking. More chemicals create more imbalance and our body collapses into pools of decaying matter internally as disease or externally as expressions of anger and violence that expand the diseases of society.

Both the internal and external expressions of disease play a role in capturing our attention and directing our thoughts to our thinking, responsibility, attitudes, lifestyle, and behavior. Our mature soul is determined to get our attention and it is very clever at bringing us back to our emotional self through events of our family, community, society, nation, and the world. Our mature soul allows us to experience what we don't want, to prove to us that we can change and grow. When we become totally disgusted with the outcomes that show us that healing is not happening, we begin to realize that we must change our approach, which can only be done by changing our thinking, emotions, and feelings.

Our healing is dependent upon the beliefs, behaviors, and emotions that create healing of our diseases. Our society, as a whole, focuses upon the fear of disease which escalates the creation of disease. As individuals and as a society we have developed a disease consciousness instead of a health consciousness. We believe we are destined to be sick, not healthy. Our disease consciousness creates fear, dependency, and worship of doctors, medicine, and testing. At this time we have lost our freedom of life and we have become a slave to our fears as the only emotional stimulus that we allow ourselves to experience. An understanding of ourselves and the power that is contained within us must be reached before people will be willing to change their definition of disease, its cause, and its cure.

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Joyful Sparrow said...

A very lovely post. Thankyou for this!