Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Learning Life-Saving Energy Techniques

Acknowledging our loving emotions and Spirit senses as vital parts of our original source is essential before we can use the internal ability of our thinking mind to become conscious of ourselves as an internal trinity of consciousness energy that can heal itself as a whole chemical being. We fail to recognize our healing potential because we do not understand our chemical internal design and therefore we continue to function as a fearful mind. As we release the fear chemical hormones into our Nervous System, we make ourselves sick because of these toxic chemicals.

A nurse in the hospital, or anywhere, could prevent a death or a crisis of any degree simply with a touch of the finger on the proper nerve. We are nervous system beings which describes to us the design of both birth and death and our physical life between these two events. Neural Depolarization is essentially a life-saving energy technique. learning to work effectively with our nervous system is a step forward in any Health Care Program.

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Alvin Payne said...

Keeping the chi inside and finding inner balance. Great blog. What do you know of reiki in brooklyn ? Keep up the posts.