Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping Up with the Energy of Life

Every day is different and every day is beautiful, so why do we judge our life rather constantly as we complain about “what is wrong?”  Most people complain without even realizing they are in the “mood” to complain.  Why would we focus our mind on something that will not support us in our growth and change.  I have watched this phenomena throughout my life as an RN and I have always been mystified that these same people that complain rather consistently seem to become sick and many times with terminal diseases.  Are we being given a lesson of health when we find ourselves complaining and our complaints turn into some horrible disease? I have also watched happy people and invariably they create happy, active, and productive lives for themselves without any sign of disease.

When we always think of health first, we can and will create lives for ourselves that will be enjoyable and productive.  When we begin to look at how we think and how our thinking affects our daily life and our eternal life, we begin to see the value of happiness and laughter as our emotional self.  When we live with happiness in our heart and mind, we will find that life is usually being pretty good to us.  All of my life I have heard the “old saying” that we create the life that we live.  I do believe that this statement is very accurate and it helps me to constantly look at my own life and wonder why I create some of the issues that I create.

The issue of our health becoming diseased is prevalent right now.  As a nurse I am very conscious that no one has to be sick, unless we were born with disease.  Even when we are born with disease, we have the ability to create and to heal  most diseases.  I have learned first as a child with rheumatic fever and secondly as a registered nurse, that we can heal ourselves.  When I was a child, drugs were not available as they are today.  As I lived with rheumatic fever which was painful, debilitating, and incurable at the time, I learned more about my body and its reaction to living than I ever thought capable of being learned. 

One of the big lessons that I learned is that we are made from the precise food, water, and air that we put into our body.  Being dramatically focused on these concepts and eating the very best food, water, and air that nature could provide healed my rheumatic fever when I was a child, which made me so excited about life that I have been jubilant ever since.  When I was two years old I announced to my parents that I was going to be a nurse.  My parents had no clue how I knew the word nurse, let alone that I had decided to be a nurse.  But I knew about the “role” of being a nurse from my past life memory, which I shared with my parents as I chatted away like the average two-year-old.  Therefore I did not have to go through any challenges to learn who I was or what I wanted to do with my life when I  “grew” up.

I forced myself to do everything that my older sister could do and then I forced myself to do things that she could  not do very easily.  We lived on a working farm with chickens, pigs, cattle, and horses in particular.   I milked 6-8 cows every morning and every night.  My arms became very strong which made many of the other farm chores easier. Even today I am very strong for an older woman, which makes me very excited that I milked cows as a child.  This is the true meaning of  “we reap what we sow.”  As a young girl growing up on a farm, I learned a lot about work.  I was never walking the fields to plow or plant, but I learned to love farm chores.  Because I had rheumatic fever as intensely as I did, I was always guided by my parents to “do what I wanted to do and could do.”   As I continued to work on the farm, I became stronger than most girls my age, which gave me confidence that I could grow up and be healthy.

My parents had fresh oranges shipped to our house for me to eat.  They let me work, but they never made we work if I was in pain, which happened more frequently than I liked.  I loved learning about farming and I loved it when I was healthy enough to participate in the farm work.  The older I got the healthier I became, especially when my tonsils were removed at 16.  That was a dramatic turning point for me, and I began to grow into my present adult size.  This was the moment in my life when I knew without any doubt that I could become a Registered Nurse and  create what I wanted to create in my life.

My years of constant pain encouraged me to learn how to help my pain myself, which is how I created Neural Depolarization which I now use as a healing technique.  After I graduated from Nursing School and spent many years working in Nursing Administration, I decided I had worked in hospitals long enough, because I was seeing too many people suffer in pain and even die when I felt like with other forms of therapy, they might have lived.  I knew that if I worked with their body as I had learned to work with my own body, I could heal them too.  Healing was my role in life, because what I now used I did not learn in Nursing School, it was taught to me through my own thinking mind and amazingly it worked.  I had learned to work with the nervous system, which is not understood by most people, including the medical community. 

All of my life I have worked with the medical community and no one that I have ever met understood Neural Depolarization which is the therapy that I created as a young child and that I still use to this day to keep myself healthy and active.  Without the knowledge of NDP I could never have healed myself and I could not have helped other people.  The joy that I feel towards my Soul and Spirit is that it did not stop at just teaching me a physical technique, but it has given me several books of information about the nervous system within our body and how to keep it healthy and functional.  Remember that our nervous system starts with our brain and it travels throughout our human design with the express purpose of creating us as human beings.  What is not understood is that our nervous system is the truth of our eternal living consciousness, which gives us life after life to learn the ways of thinking and behavior as a human being.  Our Spirit Consciousness is the story of our Eternal Life as human beings.

I have always felt very strongly about our growth and change as human beings.  If we fail to learn in each and every life that we live, we will simply continue to live at a lower level of conscious awareness, until such time as we open our thinking mind to change.  We are energy beings first, and we are physical beings second.  Energy never dies, but it does change form. As energy beings, we live our eternal lives as one physical life at a time, to help ourself in our constant growth and change as energy beings.

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