Thursday, September 08, 2011

Understand Self In Living: Life as the School of our Soul

Expanding our thinking mind is the best gift that we can ever give ourselves.  Our learning mind is different, but related to, our thinking mind.  Our thinking mind has the capability to expand with thought. This shows us the importance of the relationship between our brain focuses during every moment of our lives, which is intensified with thought as it develops the image of relationships and their meaning to us as a human being.  As humans we have frequently limited our relationships in our thinking mind as we have sought people of  “like mind.”  This helps us to understand that we help ourselves when we can keep an open mind and allow our intellectual mind to expand into different levels of thinking.  The more we expand our thinking mind the more we can see in life that makes total sense, as Earth is teaching us.  A well-developed mind will use its own filtering system to filter information.

I am an RN and I began nursing school when I was eighteen years old.  I have absolutely loved my life as a nurse and I have every intention of doing it again in my next life.  Nursing has given me an opportunity to understand life in a way that I could not have understood life without being a nurse.  My life has been focused on Nursing Administration and Medical Research, which have both taught me beyond my own imagination to learn about us as human beings.  My first position as a nurse was in tuberculosis research, and during that time we discovered the cure for tuberculosis which is still being used worldwide for that precise purpose today.  I was intimately involved in another research program in the 1970s that showed me the truth of us as human beings, which was HLA and DNA research. To the best of my knowledge, none of the other researchers came to the same conclusion with this research study that I did. But to me it clearly explained our human design and our plan of “eternal life.”  It also clearly explained to me the eternal nature of our life and our death with how we treat the human body.  I learned that “we are what we eat, drink, think and breathe” as the design of our human body, which controls the quality and length of our human life, as we live each and every life that we choose.        

My life experience has taught me nearly everything that I know about health.  My education has been part of my life experience that has guided my brain into a different understanding of who we are as eternal human beings.  Once we can see the chemical design of ourselves as human beings, we can understand our eternal life, and our change and growth, simply by seeing how intensely we affect our own health, life, and eternity as our personal choices of being humans on Earth.  As humans we are designed in such a way that we have the ability to balance out our internal chemicals to give us a very long life and health, or we can compromise our internal chemical balance and we can create our own diseases and death.  When we think about all of the drugs that medicine wants us to live on, rather than the natural chemicals of fresh foods, we can get a better understanding of disease and death.  Whatever we create, we will live in this life and we will bring our disease or health lessons into our future lives, which we will live until we learn the secret of health.  Health is the truth of our human design and it comes from Nature because we are a part of Nature.

Because we are a part of Nature and we receive our most important health attributes from Nature as clean air, water, and foods, this is a very basic lesson of life which most humans are not living at this point in their lives.  When we fail to live a healthy life, it means we will continue to die young and we will repeat our lessons of health in all of our future lives until we understand ourselves and our essential relationship to Nature, Earth, and the Universe.  We are chemical beings and our body is restored by the pure chemicals of Nature, Earth, and the Universe as the basic chemical design of all human beings.  Medicine does not come from a pure Nature.  It is a formula of drugs designed by science, and many of these drugs are life- saving and others lead to the destruction of life.  Our body is a smart chemical energy that knows more about our health than medicine does, and it will attempt to guide us into eating good foods even when we are not consciously focused in that direction.  

When I was a child I had rheumatic fever, and it did not take me long to understand the effect that food had upon how I felt.  I was only a child when I began to learn that good food helped me to feel good and sugary foods made me sick.  This helped me learn to eat right early in my life.  Sugar used to cause me to be very sick, and it can still affect me if I am not careful with my eating habits.  But as a nurse I have seen many people who eat only starch and sugar, and for the most part these people will be living a plethora of drama with disease.  Some people have the ability to use poor eating habits and spend half of their life without knowing what disease is, but the time will come when our eating habits catch up with our health and we become sick instead, which we have to live until we can heal ourselves.  Inappropriate eating dramatically affects every organ in our body which includes our brain and blood vessels, and we cannot live without some of these organs functioning properly. Once we understand the role of food in providing the essential chemicals that our body needs, we begin to understand the value of eating right to protect our quality of health and happiness.

Disease happens within our physical, mental, and emotional bodies as we begin to break down or lose our human integrity in the functioning unit of life.  We can heal most diseases when we eat a very fresh and supportive diet, drink eight glasses of pure water daily, and use nothing in a spray can.  We must learn to drink at least eight glasses of water daily that is pure and without chemicals.  As humans we need good healthy foods, pure water, and plenty of fresh air to breathe.  We do not buy fresh air in a can unless we buy oxygen.  But we can and should breathe the fresh air outside in our yards that is constantly being cleaned by the trees around us.  Use no spray, because spray does not stay in one place.  It can and will float through the air and you will breathe it just about any place in your home. 

When we become very conscious that clean and pure food, air, and water are the standard health concepts that are designed into our human body, we begin to take better care of ourselves, we begin to live a healthy life, and the energy expands within our soul which increases the energy within our human body and mind that we relate to as health.  As we begin to love ourselves, our mind, heart, and body begin to open to the beauty and joy of who we are and we see that we are designed as a child of Earth and it supports us to live as a child of the Earth.  Of course as humans we live in houses, which encourages us to keep flowers growing in our house, fresh air in our homes, and supply pure water that we can drink.  We need to spend some time outside working in the dirt and breathing deeply of the fresh air as we soak up some sunshine.  We are beings of Nature, and Nature supports us in our health and happiness.  We can bring some of Nature inside to help us keep our air clean.  Most house plants and flowers do a good job of helping with the inside air.  Most air fresheners are unhealthy for our lungs so it is important to know what you are buying and how you can use it appropriately.

Eat only organic foods and drink only pure water.  If you have a well, have it tested to make certain that it is drinkable.  We also have to breathe only fresh air.  We do not make the air in our house fresh by spraying air freshener.  Open your windows and let the outside air in, especially if you live in a clean and open area.  Air fresheners can be toxic so be very careful what you are buying.  I prefer open windows to any air freshener that I have ever found.  Create a cross ventilation in your home by opening various windows in your house and letting the natural air blow through your rooms.  Turn off your air conditioner first, so it is appropriate to choose the perfect days in the Spring and Fall.

Once we can accept that we are a child of Nature, we begin to understand the meaning of using Nature to heal us and to maintain our health.  The three most important aspects of Nature are clean Air, Foods, and Water.

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