Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Physical Consciousness and the Golden Rule

The 'Golden Rule' to follow in examining and changing the physical consciousness, the belief system of self, and the physical sensing response of self, is to do the thing that makes you feel good about yourself. All changes should make man better than before, happier than before, more accepting than before, and more loving than before.

These feelings will mold your ego into a loving ally that will continue its protective role. The difference that you will become aware of will be in the method of protection. You will no longer feel fear, hate, anger, and guilt toward yourself or others. You will look for the love within yourself and others. You will find the good, the supportive, the happiness, and the joy within yourself and your fellow man.

Your perception of the world and the Universe will change. You will see things more clearly than you have ever seen them before. You will hear the meaning in words that you never heard before. You will will develop a consciousness of the feeling tone within the air and within objects. You will feel the energy of people and, indeed, you will be able to 'see' this as well as 'feel' it, if this is your choice.

You will become aware of the consciousness streams that exist within the Universe. You can magnetize this energy to your physical consciousness when you need additional strength. You will smell, taste, and touch in a new and glorious way as you tune into the consciousness of the energy around you.

With the loss of the restrictive power of the ego, you will experience the power of the freedom to BE. Freedom is power. Freedom is of the spirit and soul of man. It is the true power of man. When the spirit and soul of man has the power of freedom from the ego, it has the power of creation. Releasing the ego power of the physical consciousness develops the power of creation from the heart, spirit, and soul of man.

You will find yourself in a state of deep peace and power. This power will allow you to heal the energy of others. This will not be an overt healing experience but a smoothing out of the soul energy for those that you are close to in physical proximity. You will 'feel' yourself reflecting love.

You will develop an acceptance of the Universe and its love. You will create constructively because of your new awareness of the power within. You will love as you have never known love before. This love will come from the physical heart, spirit, and soul of the self.

(Bridges of Consciousness, 195)

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