Tuesday, March 13, 2007

BEACH WALKING - a poem, ca. 1969


by Kathy Oddenino

Waves pounding my head
upon the packed sand of my mind
eroding my world of progress
leaving me to blunder in confusion.

I walk malignantly among broken shells
carelessly searching the sky,
a seagull bursts forth and glides to a halt
bogged for a moment in soggy sand.

It turns and scampers down the beach
investigating morsels of food.
I watch it searching, incarcerated,
frantic with hunger.

Mist folds me in her cloak of velvet.
We are alone, a mute seagull and I,
sharing our precious strip of heaven
isolated in this world of hate.

Rain, misty rain playing
against my eyes. Twitching
the film rolls away and the rubbish
in my mind seeps past the barriers
leaving me stripped.

Alone, I see myself
in a new transparency
a virgin soul transformed in love
and I cry.

Biting tears choke me, falling
to mate and erode tiny furrows
in Mother earth to flow away
joining in holy intercourse
with Father sea.

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