Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Spiritual Self: An Opportunity for Internal Change and Growth

Our Spiritual self is the energy of us that is lived in the matter of us as physical beings. We are eternally both energy and matter. As we have lived our physical lives, we have been streamlining our physical matter and expanding the energy of us as human beings. Most people live their entire lives without any awareness that we are Spiritual Energy beings first and we are physical matter beings second. As Spiritual Energy, we never die, but we do change the form of matter that is our physical body. Our Spiritual Energy has three distinct levels of energy as our thinking mind, loving emotions, and our infinite Spirit senses. As human beings that live in our physical matter to use our Spiritual Energy, we are always working on expanding how we think, how we relate to our loving emotions, and how we use our Spirit senses to understand our physical lives more completely.

We are indivisible as energy beings, but we can separate from our physical matter which gives us an opportunity to create new physical matter in which we can live a new physical life as the energy of our Spirit Consciousness. All of our eternal life journey has been perfectly clear to me in this lifetime, as we live to expand our thinking mind, loving emotions, and our infinite Spirit Senses. Because of our eternal journey as Energy that is living as Spirit Consciousness, we must choose to learn, grow, and change in our knowledge of self as an evolving energy being. In this lifetime I have been very aware of myself and my journey in Spirit Consciousness, which has helped me to understand the importance of each and every human being learning to live our physical lives through both our internal energy and our external matter.

I have been teaching people how to understand and accept their Spirit Consciousness energy since 1984. Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit Senses. Once we can recognize our qualities as energy and matter, we are more open to allowing ourselves to change through the expansion of our thinking mind. As we learn as a thinking mind to love ourselves, we will be open to loving other people. We can never love ourselves until we can accept the internal patterns of our thinking mind that are designed from the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness as our internal energy fields.

Studying the truth of who we are as a Spirit Consciousness is essential to our change and growth as human beings. We are not meant to fight wars on every level of our life. We are designed to love ourselves, Earth, the Universe, and all other life forms that live on Earth. I have been teaching classes in Spiritual Philosophy since 1984, and during that time I have had eight books published and taught countless classes. I have seen the change that occurs in people once they begin to love themselves as a part of the overall energy of Spirit Consciousness. The patterns that we must learn before we can accept the wisdom of change within ourselves are the Ethical Values that create the design of our Spirit Consciousness. The Ethical Values are designed as patterns that are stored in our Spirit Consciousness and therefore are eternally available to us so that we can learn and understand the patterns of change that we must live as human beings. We cannot live as Spiritual Beings until we learn to live the Spiritual Patterns that we are designed to live as our Ethical Values.

It is important to realize that true Spiritual Philosophy covers the Ethical Values of all relationships, including our human relationship to the Universe, Earth, Nature, and all human beings, which acts as our energy balance to the Ethical Values.

My first conference of 2008 will be held April 18-20, 2008 in Chapel Hill, NC. We will be exploring our hidden memories from past lives and equating them to the patterns of Ethical Values that we must learn by living each of them. We create multiple patterns in our physical approach to life that are teaching us the importance of growth and change, which must take place first in our thinking mind. The patterns that we learn as humans do not count towards our growth and change unless we learn the Ethical Values which are the patterns of our Spirit Consciousness. Come join us and find how rewarding it can be to open your thinking mind to permanent change as a human being.
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